47th C. C.  EXAM. 2007

Labour and Social Welfare, Paper – 2

Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                                                    Max. Marks: 200

Answer Any Five Questions

1. What do you mean by strike? What are the latest legal provisions with regard to strike?

2. Discuss the major objectives of worker’s participation in Management and describe the causes responsible for failure in achieving them.

3. What kinds of new trends are visible in the trade union movement in India after the inflation of structural adjustment programme?

4. Define collective bargaining and discuss its significance in the present industrial scenario in India.

5. How is political affiliation of trade unions injurious to their unity in India.

6. Discuss the strategies for tackling ever-growing seriousness of the problem of unemployment in India.

7. Describe the problems of children of families below poverty line.

8. Suggest mmeasures for the empowerment of rural women in the present patriarchal society in India.

9. Why has the magnitude of commercial sex work in India become inoreserious? Can its legislation better the lot of commercial sex workers?

10. Examine the major social security programmes of the Government of Bihar.


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