BPSC MAIN EXAMINATION 53 – 55th C. C. EXAM. 2011 (Labour and Social Welfare Paper 2)


53 – 55th  C. C.  EXAM. 2011

Labour and Social Welfare, Paper – 2

Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                             Max. Marks: 200

Answer Any Five Questions

1. Define Industrial Relations and discuss it objectives and importance. Suggest ways to improve Industrial Relations in an organization.

2. Define Collective Bargaining and explain the pre-requisites for reaching an effective agreement between management and workers.

3. Critically evaluate the statement that “Trade unionism is becoming obsolete in post globalization era”.

4. Define Trade Union. Discuss the main provisions of the Trade Union Act, 1926.

5. Explain the concept of Social Security. What are the various methods of providing social security to workers? Critically discuss the present position of social security for Indian working class.

6. Define poverty and explain the factors that lead too poverty in a society. Critically evaluate the Government programmes to eradicate poverty in India.

7. Write a detailed note on nature, causes and situation of beggary in Bihar. Suggest remedies for its solution.

8. Discuss the nature and causes of the problem of prostitution in Indian society. Why despite the economic development it is still increasing? Explain.

9. Examine the causes and consequences of growing unemployment in India. Critically discuss measures to overcome the problem of unemployment. Give suggestions to improve it.

10. Define the concept of ‘Child welfare’ and discuss the welfare programmes for children at centre and state levels.

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