BPSC MAIN EXAMINATION 48 – 52th C. C. EXAM. 2009 (Labour and Social Welfare Paper 1)


48 – 52th  C. C.  EXAM. 2009

Labour and Social Welfare, Paper – 1

Time Allowed: 3 Hours                                                                                                                    Max. Marks: 200

Answer Any Five Questions

1. Define Labour Legislation and describe the kinds of Indian Labour Legislation.

2. Examine the provisions relating to Labour as laid down in the Indian Constitution.

3. Define the term ‘Factory’ and ‘Power’ and explain the welfare provisions laid down in the Factories Act, 1948.

4. Examine the relevance of the provisions of the Minimum Wages Act, 1948 in the era of globalization.

5. Explain the following terms under the Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.

6. Throw light on the salient features of the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986.

7. Discuss the important provisions of Bihar Shops Establishments Act, 1953.

8. Examine the role of International Labour Organization in the development of Labour legislation in India.

9. Describe the structures ad functions of the Department of Labour in Bihar.

10. Write short notes on any two of the following:

(a) Equal Remuneration

(b) Important provisions of E.S.I. Act, 1948.

(c) Different benefits under the maternity benefits Act, 1961

(d) Deductions and fines under the Payment of Wages Act, 1936

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