History Optional Paper-1 Solution – 1999: Q.5 (b)

History Optional Paper-2 Solution – 2004: Q.5 (b)

Q.5 (b) Write a short essay on: “Sher Shah combined in himself qualities of lion and fox.”


Sher Shah had quality of ‘planning like a fox’ and ‘attacking like a lion’.

Sher Shah with qualities of fox

Many of Sher Shah’s military compaigns exhibit his tricks and tactics which reflects his political shrewdness.The folllwing events prove his political shrewdness and quality of fox.

(1) In 1537, at Rohtas, the Hindu Raja jad agreed to shelter Afghan women but was tricked and the fort was captured.

(2) In 1543, during his compaign against Chanderi, he swore on Quran that he would spare life, honour and properties of Rajputs if they surrendered but when they surrendered, they were butchered.

(3) In 1539, at Chausa, he attacked sleeping Mughal soldiers.

(4) To capture Jodhpur, he used forgery of letter to create suspicion among Rajputs.

Sher Shah with qualities of lion

(1) He led many military compaigns with boldness and bravery. He was able to defeat powerful Mughal army.

(2) His qualities of lion are displayed by his enlightened despotism. As the Sultan, he improved the administration, carried out currency and revenue reforms, systematised military by reintroducing dagh and chehra, built highways, provided for amenities for travellers, delivered justice, patronised learned men, showed liberal attitude towards non-Muslim objects.


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