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    (v) Takkalakota or Maski; not Brahmagiri;

    (xiv) Udayagiri caves near Vidisha

    (xiii) Madhyamika or Tambavati; second capital of avanti

  • Harshit Tiwari

    Xii- it must be bagasra not rojdi…rojdi is near to coast line..
    Xiii- it can’t be could be chittorgarh because it was also a capital.

  • xerxesyo

    thank you Selfstudyhistory team

  • Hello,

    I have some moderations regarding few questions.

    4. A Neolithic site- it should be Borudih (p. 78)
    5. A Neolithic site- it should be Sanganakalli (p. 78)
    6. A Megalithic site- it have to be Naikund or Mahurjhar (p. 121)

    Source- Prehistory and Protohistory of India: An Appraisal by V K Jain.

    • ramesh rathod

      how to access that book online

      • This book is not available online. You can buy this book, Its a very good book, you don’t need to anywhere for Pre and ProtoHistory. Map in this book is also relevant for Optional paper.

  • Preamble

    Thanks a lot Sir… Plz share answers of some difficult questions came in exam…

  • A

    16 no has to be vikramshila..(Bhagalpur district)which is in the eastern part of Bihar..
    Nalanda university is in gaya district which is clearly in south bhihar….

  • Tushar

    XX) Kangra

  • sanil goel

    20 th should be thaneshwar
    why 2nd cannot be sebalgiri2 and why rangpur cannot be right instead of rojdi?

    • Pravin

      Though Rangpur culture is influenced by IVC, it is a chalcolithic site.

  • soumya

    Sir please start daily program for history..and what could be the ans for harappa question..groundwater salinity..

  • Jashan

    It is billing not muziris. Muziris is way south than the given site. Source spectrum

  • iram Ansari

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  • Rohit

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  • heisenberg2017

    iv Barudih
    v Sangana Hallu/ Takkalakota
    xii Prabhas Patan
    xx Thaneswar

    • Pravin

      Prabhas Patan is a chalcolithic site

  • Abhijit

    (v) must be Anegudi rather than Maski because Maski is a bit northwards

  • Bharat Patil

    Site no. 10th is Musa Khel (reference D N Jha page 29 facing map 2nd )
    Site no. 20th is Thaneshwar.