• Useful for History Optional Paper in Civil Services Examination.
  • Map is divided in state wise as well as grid wise. You can remember state as well as grid number in which particular site is located.
  • Sites have been arranged alphabetically. Few sites have multiple names so it can be found in some other Parts also.


Part A Click Here             Part BClick Here             Part C – Click Here

Part D- Click Here              Part E – Click Here              Part F- Click Here

Part G – Click Here              Part H- Click Here              Part I – Click Here

Part J – Click Here              Part K – Click Here              Part L – Click Here

Part M – Click Here            Part N- Click Here              Part O – Click Here

Part P- Click Here              Part Q – Click Here              Part R- Click Here 

Part S – Click Here              Part T – Click Here              Part U – Click Here

Part V – Click Here              Part W – Click Here            Part X – Click Here

Part Y – Click Here              Part Z – Click Here

Important Historical Sites

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  1. Swamit says:

    Thank you for the effort. Have you covered all the available sites? Can we solely rely on this source for map practice?


    1. shantanu jaiswal says:

      Sir what is the statergy to remember all the sites for particular period?


  2. Sunil says:

    Thanks sir


  3. rachna says:

    how you have drawn grid lines on map haven’t taken longitude or latitude as a reference.. can you explain the method for drawing the grids?


    1. Taking longitude and latitude is not desirable if one wants to make it simple. Grid lines are drawn from specific “critical” points on the border which one needs to remember. Critical points could be lowermost point in Tamilnadu, leftmost point in gujarat etc. This is not difficult to remember as there are only 9 or 10 vertical and horizontal lines.


  4. Nasir Maner says:

    Sir your history through maps is nice but there is one problem.when I am going to click on the sites then it does not open e.g chalcolithic sites,harappan sites etc.only three sites namely neo,meso and Paleolithic being open and others are not….plz reply…


    1. That portion is yet to be completed.


      1. ravi0421 says:

        Sir, when are going to complete the remaining portions? Please


      2. BHUSHAN says:

        pls complete it sir kindly request .


  5. Ravindranath says:

    Thank u so much for ur efforts..its really helpful


  6. keenu says:

    Sir, please update the ancient ports and capitals portion before the mains 2015


  7. Arun says:

    sir, kindly upload those incomplete areas mentioned above.It will be useful for the upcoming mains.


    1. I will try to upload imp one


  8. Arun says:

    You are doing a selfless job.Thank u sir……


  9. Suppu says:


    By what time we can expect the important site groupings to be complete? That would be immensely helpful.

    Thanks in advance


  10. abhi says:

    plz cover all as soon as possible


  11. saravana says:

    Thank you so much for your help.
    Kindly upload the other maps before the coming mains…

    Your efforts are highly appreciated


  12. Rn B says:

    Thank you so much for your help.
    Pleae upload the other maps before the coming mains…


  13. Ravindranath says:

    Chalcolithic Sites are asked frequently..when can we expect this on this portal? Thanks in advance..


  14. Blu Diamond says:

    can you please update sites culturewise
    as being asked in latest pattern


  15. Amit says:

    Sir provide chronological order of place description…it will be more helpful.


  16. dharmendra says:

    plz update chalcolithic sites….


  17. Prakash says:

    sir how do i make grid lines and remember them. i am unable to do so. plz explain. thanku


  18. annuj says:

    sir please complete the other list. your forum is the only place where i found dealing with map section according to the changing needs of UPSC. thanks for the efforts. you are immensely saving our time.


  19. Deepshikha says:

    I am visiting the page after very long and pleasantly surprised with the improvements..!! Great work. Keep it up..:)


  20. Zubeen says:

    All Lithic Sites are not found in your categories of A B C D which you mention in important history optioal sites category. So provide all list of neo,meso,paleo.


  21. Akhilesh Singh Yadav says:

    maalik!! aap bhagwan ho.


  22. Jasneet says:

    Whereas Brahmo Samaj sucessfully captured the imagination of modern india, Arya Sanaj failed. Discuss


  23. salony says:

    really commendable effort sir… thanku so much and it is a kind request that please cover rest part also..


  24. yash says:

    When are u going to add d other parts of maps study?


    1. Whenever time permits


      1. parth says:

        sir please update rest portion


      2. ab says:

        i have mentioned last year as well. plz cover all.


  25. yash says:

    When full maps portion is going to be completed?


  26. parth says:

    sir please update map portion


  27. parth says:

    sir please update rest map portion


  28. Sumit Sharma says:

    It will be extremely helpful if you complete other lists also which can’t be clicked now. Preparing for this Mains with History optional and a lot to do in very less time. Please complete a few more at least.


  29. radhikamalhotra says:

    sir plz complete the rest of map portion


  30. Really appreciable work, but plz upload all remaining map as soon as possible,we r very thankful to your effort, plz keep helping us. Thank you my dream site


  31. Nitin Gupta says:

    Medieval sites are also there. However, we only get questions on Ancient sites. Should we ignore the medieval ones?


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