• Useful for History Optional Paper in Civil Services Examination.
  • Sites have been arranged alphabetically. Few sites have multiple names so it can be found in some other Parts also.


Part A Click Here             Part BClick Here             Part C – Click Here

Part D- Click Here              Part E – Click Here              Part F- Click Here

Part G – Click Here              Part H- Click Here              Part I – Click Here

Part J – Click Here              Part K – Click Here              Part L – Click Here

Part M – Click Here            Part N- Click Here              Part O – Click Here

Part P- Click Here              Part Q – Click Here              Part R- Click Here 

Part S – Click Here              Part T – Click Here              Part U – Click Here

Part V – Click Here              Part W – Click Here            Part X – Click Here

Part Y – Click Here              Part Z – Click Here

Solution of Map Based Questions [Password Same as the Solution of Ancient India]

Map Based Questions with Solution of 2017 Main Examination

Map Based Questions with Solution of 2016 Main Examination

Map Based Questions with Solution of 2015 Main Examination

Map Based Questions with Solution of 2014 Main Examination

Map Based Questions with Solution of 2013 Main Examination

Historical Sites for History Optional [Complete Map Material ONLY for 2018 Full Test Series Enrolled Students]

Following is the COMPLETE MATERIAL for map section of history optional and you do not have to refer to any other source for history optional map.

18 out of 20 Map Location in 2017 History Optional Mains Examination had been asked from our following Map Material:

Palaeolithic Sites

Mesolithic Sites

Neolithic Sites

Early Harappan Sites

Harappan Sites / Indus Valley Civilisation Sites

Late Harappan Sites

Chalcolithic Sites

Megalithic Sites

Painted Grey Ware Sites

Ancient Ports

Ancient Cave Sites

Ancient Education Centres

Temple Sites

Buddhist Sites

Ancient Capital Cities

Famous Inscriptional sites (Except Ashokan Inscriptions)

Edicts of Ashoka

NBPW Sites

Famous Forts

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