Total 6 Tests (Each Test of 250 marks and 3 hours time limit. Dates are flexible)

  1. First Test: World History: 15 August
  2. Second Test: Modern India:30 August
  3. Third Test: Ancient India: 15 September
  4. Fourth Test: Medieval India: 25 September
  5. Fifth Test: Ancient+Medieval:30 September
  6. Sixth Test: World History+Modern India: 1 October

Total Fee: 1500 Rs per Test for first 4 tests and 2000 per Tests for last 2 Tests (Total 10000)

You are free to participate in any number of Tests you want.


  • Questions asked will be as per new pattern.
  • Mode of communication will be online only (no postal communication).
  • Detailed and high quality solution will be provided.
  • Papers will be evaluated with detailed inputs for improvement.
  • At the end of each test, solution of previous years papers of last 15 to 20 years of important questions will be provided.
  • Daily Practise questions’ will continue and those appearing in Test Series will get their answers evaluated on priority basis with more focused evaluation than others.

Send email to selfstudyhistory@gmail.com to show your interest and queries.


For all those appearing in Main Examination in 2017 with history optional:

  1. We will be giving questions for daily practise for 2 months (from 30 July to 30 September) and upload good answers next day.
  2. We will try to cover important chapters which are more useful for exams though I do not promise to cover all topics.
  3. We will also try to give important map based questions which may come in 2017 exam.
  4. Apart from typing in comment box, you can also send your answers on email id selfstudyhistory@gmail.com in pdf format and we will try to send you feedback asap. Those appearing in test series will get their answers of daily questions certainly evaluated on priority basis. Others might not get their answers evaluated if time and manpower don’t permit.
  5. We are conducting an online test series for history optional for 2017 mains exam with 4 part test (one each of world, modern, ancient and medieval) and 1 full test. It will start from 15th August. (You can send your interest on selfstudyhistory@gmail.com). Those appearing in test series will also be provided solutions of important questions of previous years apart from high quality test paper evaluation and high quality solutions.
  6. A team of anonymous three with outstanding knowledge of history and with high scores in history optional (311, 273 and 272) has been entrusted for the task of all plans. Screenshot of their CSE-2016 marksheet is being attached here:





  1. 30 July to 15 August: World History
  2. 16 August to 31 August: Modern India
  3. 1 September to 15 September: Medieval India
  4. 16 September to 30 September: Ancient India (Map based questions can be given any time during August and September)

World History (30 July to 15 August)

30 July to 31 July

  • Enlightenment and Modern ideas: (i) Major ideas of Enlightenment: Kant, Rousseau (ii) Spread of Enlightenment in the colonies (iii) Rise of socialist ideas (up to Marx); spread of Marxian Socialism.
  • Industrialization: (i) English Industrial Revolution: Causes and Impact on Society (ii) Industrialization in other countries: USA, Germany, Russia, Japan (iii) Industrialization and Globalization.

Questions and Solutions of 30 July

Questions and Solutions of 31 July

1 August to 3 August

  • Origins of Modern Politics: (i) European States System. (ii) American Revolution and the Constitution. (iii) French revolution and aftermath, 1789-1815. (iv) American Civil War with reference to Abraham Lincoln and the abolition of slavery. (v) British Democratic Politics, 1815- 1850; Parliamentary Reformers, Free Traders, Chartists.

Questions and Solutions of 1 August

Questions and Solutions of 2 August

Questions and Solutions of 3 August

4 August, 5 August and 7 August

  • Nation-State System: (i) Rise of Nationalism in 19th century (ii) Nationalism: state-building in Germany and Italy (iii) Disintegration of Empires in the face of the emergence of nationalities across the world.
  • Revolution and Counter Revolution: (i) 19th Century European revolutions (ii) The Russian Revolution of 1917-1921 (iii) Fascist Counter-Revolution, Italy and Germany. (iv) The Chinese Revolution of 1949

Questions and Solutions of 4 August

Questions and Solutions of 5 August

Questions and Solutions of 7 August

8 August to 10 August

  • World Wars: (i) 1st and 2nd World Wars as Total Wars: Societal implications (ii) World War I: Causes and consequences (iii) World War II: Causes and consequence
  • The World after World War II: (i) Emergence of two power blocs (ii) Emergence of Third World and non-alignment (iii) UNO and the global disputes.

Questions and Solutions of 8 August

Questions and Solutions of 9 August

Questions and Solutions of 10 August

11 August to 12 August

  • Unification of Europe: (i) Post War Foundations: NATO and European Community (ii) Consolidation and Expansion of European Community (iii) European Union.
  • Disintegration of Soviet Union and the Rise of the Unipolar World: (i) Factors leading to the collapse of Soviet communism and the Soviet Union, 1985-1991 (ii) Political Changes in Eastern Europe 1989-2001. (iii) End of the cold war and US ascendancy in the World as the lone superpower.

Questions and Solutions of 11 August

Questions and Solutions of 12 August

13 August to 14 August

  • Imperialism and Colonialism: (i) South and South-East Asia (ii) Latin America and South Africa (iii) Australia (iv) Imperialism and free trade: Rise of neo-imperialism.
  • Liberation from Colonial Rule: (i) Latin America-Bolivar (ii) Arab World-Egypt (iii) Africa-Apartheid to Democracy (iv) South-East Asia-Vietnam
  • Decolonization and Underdevelopment: (i) Factors constraining development: Latin America, Africa

Questions and Solutions of 13 August

Questions and Solutions of 14 August





DPPH-7 February (Ancient India)

Answers of DPPH- 7 February

DPPH-8 February (Medieval India)

Answers of DPPH- 8 February

DPPH-9 February (Modern India)

Answers of DPPH- 9 February

DPPH-10 February (Modern India and World History)

Answers of DPPH- 10 February

DPPH-11 February (Modern India and World History)

Answers of DPPH- 11 February

DPPH-12 February (Ancient India)

Answers of DPPH- 12 February

DPPH-13 February (Medieval India)

Answers of DPPH- 13 February

DPPH-14 February (Modern India and World History)

Answers of DPPH- 14 February

DPPH-15 February (Ancient India)

Answers of DPPH- 15 February

DPPH-16 February (Modern India)

Answers of DPPH- 16 February

DPPH-17 February (Medieval India)

Answers of DPPH- 17 February

DPPH-18 February (Ancient India)

Answers of DPPH- 18 February

DPPH-19 February

Answers of DPPH- 19 February

DPPH-20 February 

Answers of DPPH- 20 February

DPPH-21 February

Answers of DPPH- 21 February

DPPH-22 February

Answers of DPPH- 22 February

DPPH-23 February

Answers of DPPH- 23 February

DPPH-24 February

Answers of DPPH- 24 February

DPPH-25 February

Answers of DPPH- 25 February

DPPH-26 February

Answers of DPPH- 26 February

DPPH-27 February

Answers of DPPH- 27 February

DPPH-28 February

Answers of DPPH- 28 February

DPPH-29 February

Answers of DPPH- 29 February


DPPH-1 March

Answers of DPPH- 1 March

DPPH-2 March

Answers of DPPH- 2 March

DPPH-3 March

Answers of DPPH- 3 March

DPPH- 4 March

Answers of DPPH- 4 March

DPPH- 5 March

Answers of DPPH- 5 March

DPPH-6 March

Answers of DPPH- 6 March

DPPH-7 March

Answers of DPPH- 7 March

DPPH-8 March

DPPH-9 March

DPPH-11 March

DPPH-12 March

DPPH-13 March

DPPH-14 March

DPPH-15 March

DPPH-16 March

DPPH-17 March

DPPH-18 March

DPPH-19 March

DPPH-21 March

DPPH-22 March

DPPH-23 March

DPPH-24 March

DPPH-25 March

DPPH-26 March

DPPH-27 March

DPPH-28 March

DPPH-29 March

DPPH-30 March

DPPH-31 March