Q.1 Identify the following places marked on the map supplied to you and write a short note of about 30 words on each of them. Locational hints for each of the places marked on the map are given below:



(i) A Mesolithic site – Sarai Nahar Rai  (Other possibilities- Mahadaha,Chopani Mando)

(ii) A neolithic site – Daojali Hading

(iii) A Megalithic-Chalcolithic site – Adichanallur

(iv) A Neolithic site – Kuchai

(v) A Neolithic site – Maski ( may be Brahmagiri also according to Ignou booklet)

(vi) A Megalithic site – Junapani

(vii) A site known for Buddhist remains – Sanghol

(viii) A Harappan site – Banawali ( possibility for Rakhigarhi is very low)

(ix) A Harappan site – Kalibangan

(x) A Harappan site – Harappa mst probably ( No famous IVC site nearby)

(xi) A Neolithic site – Mehrgarh

(xii) A Harappan site – Rojdi

(xiii) A Capital city – Ujjain (since no other famous capital nearby)

(xiv) A rock-cut cave site – Bagh caves

(xv) A late Harappan site – Manda (Akhnoor)

(xvi) An educational site – Nalanda (Posssibility for Vikramshila is quite low)

(xvii) A terra-cotta art centre – Chandraketugarh

(xviii) A seaport – Muziri

(xix) A capital city – Amravathi ( Vengi also nearby )

(xx) A capital city – will be updated soon

Note: Any suggestion for correction (with explanation) is welcome.



  1. Xii- it must be bagasra not rojdi…rojdi is near to coast line..
    Xiii- it can’t be Ujjain..it could be chittorgarh because it was also a capital.


  2. Hello,

    I have some moderations regarding few questions.

    4. A Neolithic site- it should be Borudih (p. 78)
    5. A Neolithic site- it should be Sanganakalli (p. 78)
    6. A Megalithic site- it have to be Naikund or Mahurjhar (p. 121)

    Source- Prehistory and Protohistory of India: An Appraisal by V K Jain.


  3. 16 no has to be vikramshila..(Bhagalpur district)which is in the eastern part of Bihar..
    Nalanda university is in gaya district which is clearly in south bhihar….


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