Strategy for Essay and Essay Improvement Program

Strategy for Essay

Essay writing for UPSC is an advertisement of yourself, in other words it is your own marketing to get best deal from the HR cell of the GoI.

Essay writing is at best true expression of realism coupled with integrity, honesty while in crude terms it is an art in bluff.

Before we discuss anything let us first have a look at the syllabus as per UPSC for essay-

“Candidates may be required to write essays on multiple topics. They will be expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay to arrange their ideas in orderly fashion and to write concisely. Credit will be given for effective and exact expression.”

Let us first discuss the basics of essay in brief , later on we will go into the details of each point.

Must for essay writing:

1. Language skill– ability to communicate effectively in simple, lucid yet firm and exact expression.

2. Content– holistic knowledge of the topic

Structure of an essay:

1. Introduction– introducing the topic and its context.

2. Body – explaining all the facts, facets and the different views in detail.

3. Conclusion – giving wings to ideas to provide an effective outcome.

Now we will elaborate above topics further-

1. Introduction – There can be different ways to introduce the topic.

A. Direct introduction

Simple explanation of the topics– meaning, relevance, context etc.

B. Indirect introduction

Using proverb

Anecdote – incident which is impersonal

Putting a small story explaining the topic.

Quote from the known figure relevant to the topic and then explaining the topic.

Asking large number of questions relevant to the topic comprehensively covering the all the facets of the topic.

2. Body– This part is to substantiate the view, establish the arguments and put forth acceptable logical course of action.

There should be logical flow of ideas visible in the preceding and subsequent paragraphs.

It must have diversity and should be comprehensive.

Use quotes, adages and proverbs to substantiate your view.

Stick to the topic as we are expected to keep closely to the subject of the essay.

3. Conclusion –

It must have positive connotation expressing futuristic approach.

Can also end with a vision expressing ideal pragmatic optimistic situation.

Can also end with a vision of a great leader.

Can end in enlightening view having lasting impression.

Simply it can be a summary of the major ideas discussed in the body.

How to bring diversity and holistic analysis of the topic?

1. Temporal analysis of the topic

2. Spatial analysis of the topic

3. Brainstorming

4. Organising points in orderly fashion

5. Critical analysis of the topic

6. Original thinking on the topic

Don’ts for essay writing

1. Language related

a. No spelling mistakes

b. No grammatical mistakes

c. Should not sound offensive

2. Content related

a. No factual misinformation

b. No approximation

c. Should not be biased

d. Not too critical of government

e. Should not be against the humanity, constitution, caste, religion etc ( can express critical views )

3. Related to introduction

a. No negative start

4. Related to conclusion

a. No negative end

5. Handwriting

a. Should be legible

Essay Improvement Program (EIP)

What will you get?

A. Access to all the underlined hyperlink materials given above.

B. Complete essay preparation

1. Examples of different approaches

2. Language enhancement matters e.g. words to use, Quotes

3. Two written model essays.

4. Points for around 50 essays.

5. Evaluation of one essay.

6. Personal guidance through email.

7. This program is run by selected candidates with top marks in essay.

Note: You will get mentioned materials on regular interval and not at one time.

Registration fee:  ₹ 1500 

Pay by using Credit Card/ Debit Card/ Net Banking/ UPI:

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