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Point wise Essay Discussion

Point wise discussion on essay#1: Child Rights- Status and Way Forward

Point wise discussion on Essay#2,3&4: 1. Healthcare system in India have failed to deliver its mandate. 2. Healthcare sector- challenges and prospects. 3. Does Healthcare Need Healing?

Point Wise Discussion of Essay#5 & 6 & 7: 1. Women empowerment- status, challenges and prospect. 2. Crime against women- Need of new paradigm. 3. UNO and Women

Point Wise discussion of Essay#8: Right to privacy/ Aadhar- needs for legal basis conforming the constitutional provisions/ Social media and its commercial misuse- right to protection/ Cyberspace- intrusive underworld

Point wise discussion: Essay#9: Cold war 2.0

Point wise discussion: Essay#10: Global Economic ecosystem and sharing of Environmental Responsibility

Point wise discussion: Essay#11: Perfectionism is a phobia of mistake-making

Point wise discussion: Essay#12: Need to promote sports for healthy India

Pointwise discussion: Essay#13: The evolution of Sustainable Development Goal

Pointwise discussion: Essay#14: Economic development –  need, factors, constraints and way forward

Point wise discussion: Essay#15: Need for inclusive development. OR. For sustainable development inclusiveness is the Mantra. OR. Regional disparity in economic development needs holistic solution. OR. India have developed, Bharat lags far behind

Pointwise discussion: Essay#16: Judicial activism and Indian democracy

Pontwise discussion: Essay#17: India of my dream

Point wise discussion on Essay#18: 1. Nation building is a process of intrinsic urge to forge a united front rather than a result of externalities. 2. India – a nation in making or a nation. 3. India is a state with national attributes

Pontwise discussion: Essay#19: WTO and its Evolution

Point wise discussion on Essay#20: WTO and global trade – status and prospect

Point wise discussion on Essay#21: Can globalization lead to development of a state and welfare of its citizens

Point wise discussion on Essay#22: Is India ready to take leadership role in new world order

Point wise discussion on Essay#23: Higher education in India- need of paradigm shift

Pointwise discussion: Essay#24: Science and technology is panacea for the growth and security of the nation

Pointwise discussion: Essay# 25: Tourism- the next big thing for Economic prosperity and development

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