All India History Optional Online Test Series-2017

Total 6 Tests (Each Test of 250 marks and 3 hours time limit. Dates are flexible)

  1. First Test: World History: 15 August
  2. Second Test: Modern India: 31 August
  3. Third Test: Ancient India: 15 September
  4. Fourth Test: Medieval India: 25 September
  5. Fifth Test: Ancient+Medieval: 30 September
  6. Sixth Test: World History+Modern India: 1 October

Total Fee: 1500 Rs per Test for first 4 tests and 2000 per Test for last 2 Tests [Total 10000 Rs]

Test series is open for Hindi medium students also but the solution will be provided in English only.


  • Questions asked will be as per new pattern.
  • Mode of communication will be online only (no postal communication).
  • Detailed and high quality solution will be provided.
  • Papers will be evaluated with detailed inputs for improvement.
  • Solution of important questions from previous years’ papers of last 20 years will also be provided.
  • Daily Practice questions will continue and only those appearing in Test Series will get their answers evaluated. For those not appearing in test series should take admission in Answer Evaluation Program.

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  • Ahmed Touseef

    Sir i hav not cleared prelims… I dont know much of history as an optional subject.. But as General Studies i hav read once & made a taught to take opt History… Sir i will not enroll for test series.. But i need previous years question paper solved (imp questions) can u please provide me…… Please…. if there is any fee please let me know.. Thanx alot Sir….

    • As per our policy, only those enrolled in test series will be provided previous years solved papers.

      • Ahmed Touseef

        Sir please provide a solution.. what i should do.. i was in need of previous yrs Q’s solved.. please help me any fee than please let me know since i may not afford 10k but a min amount for previous yrs solved papers i can…. Why i’m excluding test series bcoz i have not cleared pre & i hav not studied history as an Optional Subject.. Please make a provision to get previous years solved papers… please… U can even provide me after Main examination also.., in the month of Nov or so.. thanx a lot Sir…

  • Nishant

    Is this test series is open for Hindi medium students also?

    • yes. We already have 2 hindi medium students enrolled. But solution will be provided in English only

  • sameer

    SIR, i cannot find timeable regarding modern history daily problems 16 aug onward. plz have a look into it

  • sameer

    no doubt question are there, but syllabus to study is yet to be updated , i clicked on daily optional problem column but i cannot find updated timetable , i checked most of recent post it is also no there. can you provide link plz

  • chaudhari prakash

    sir would u provide all the solved questions of previous years or only selected ones?

  • mk

    if i will enroll for wordl history test 1 then will i get previous year solution for wordl history

  • Sir, if i enroll now for one test. Will i get all the previous yrs solved questions. What is your policy regarding this.

  • mohini sarkar

    sir i want solutions, how much i should pay?