“Shivaji was a capable general, great organizer, able administrator and successful statesman.” Discuss. “शिवाजी एक समर्थ सेनानायक, महान संगठनकर्ता, योग्य प्रशासक एवं सफल राजनयिक थे।” विवेचन कीजिए।  [BPSC-2001] OR Give an estimate of Shivaji as a ruler, statesman and nation-builder. शिवाजी का शासक, राजनीतिक और राष्ट्र निर्माता के रूप में मूल्यांकन कीजिए। [BPSC-2009] OR “I regard Shivaji as the last great constructive genius and nation-builder that Hindu race has produced.” (J. N. Sarkar) Comment. [BPSC, 60-62nd]

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