[Topic wise IAS World History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (11) Unification of Europe

[Topic wise IAS World History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (11) Unification of Europe

Unification of Europe
(i) Post War Foundations: NATO and European Community
(ii) Consolidation and Expansion of European Community
(iii) European Union
1. “The Brussels Treaty of 17 March, 1948 paved the way for the formation of NATO.” [2003, 20 Marks]

2. “NATO in many ways symbolized the key role that the United States had come to play in Europe.” [2007, 20 Marks]

3. Assess the significance of the political developments that took place in Eastern Europe during 1989-2001. [2008, 60 Marks]

4. “Europe faced peace in 1945 politically disorganized and economically crippled.” Elaborate. [2010, 30 Marks]

6. “The collapse of Berlin Wall in 198 brought new ideas of co-operation in Europe.” Critically evaluate. [2011, 10 Marks]

7. “The European union is the new sick man of Europe.” critically evaluate. [2013 25 Marks]

8. “Europe  was  eclipsed  through  European  folly  due  to  the  two  world  wars.”  Elucidate. [2014, 20 Marks]

9. “The European Union, a diplomatic marvel, continues to grapple with intermittent fissurs arising out of economic contentious issues that pose a challenge to an effective integration of the Union.” Critically examine. [2015, 20 Marks]

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