[Topic wise IAS World History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (3) Industrialization

[Topic wise IAS World History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (3) Industrialization

(i) English Industrial Revolution: Causes and Impact on Society
(ii) Industrialization in other countries: USA, Germany, Russia, Japan (iii) Industrialization and Globalization.
1. The period 1500 to 1700 in Europe has been called ‘the heyday of the Commercial Revolution.’ Explain the causes that led to this Revolution and examine its impact on society. [1979 , 60 Marks]

2. Give an account of the revolutionary developments in agriculture in western Europe between 16th and 18th centuries. How far were they affected by the Commercial Revolution? [1980, 60 Marks]

3. Explain the main features of the Technological Revolution and discuss its impact on society [1980, 60 Marks]

4. Give a critical account of the progress of merchantalism in the 17th century. How far is it correct to say that it paved the way for the Industrial Revolution? [1981, 60 Marks]

5. Trace the growth of Capitalism in England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. How did it affect the Wage System in the country? [1982, 60 Marks]

6. “Mercantilist philosophy was based upon a belief that private and social interests are not necessarily in harmony.” Comment. [1983, 20 Marks]

7. Trace the growth of capitalism in Britain in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Why was France, as compared to Britain, late in developing the capitalist spirit and the institutional framework of capitalism? [1985, 60 Marks]

8. “The novelty in sixteenth century mercantilism its extension from city to nation and the transfer of its chief agency from local guilt to national monarch.” Comment. [1986, 20 Marks]

9. “Attempts to put mercantilist doctrine into practice characterized the history of most of the nations of Western European in the 16th and 17th centuries.” Comment. [1988, 20 Marks]

10. “The Industrial Revolution put mobility in the place of stability.” Comment. [1990, 20 Marks]

11. To what extent were the advances in scientific knowledge in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries a product of the needs of a changing society? [1994, 60 Marks]

12. “Protestantism contributed substantially to the rise of capitalism.” Comment. [1994, 20 Marks]

13. The Industrial Revolution “Changed England in character and culture.” [1996, 20 Marks]

14. The Industrial Revolution brought about great changes in the social and economic life of Europe. Explain. [1998, 60 Marks]

15. What was the extent of industrialisation in Western Europe by the end of the nineteenth century? [2009, 30 Marks]

16. “Whoever says Industrial Revolution, says cotton.” Comment. [2011, 20 Marks]

17. The process of industrialisation in some other countries of Europe was different from that in England.” [2012, 20 Marks]

18. “The oppressive exploitation of the working class in the wake of Industrial Revolution had jolted the social conscience of England.” Elucidate. [2015, 10 Marks]

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