[Topic wise IAS World History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (8) The World after World War II

[Topic wise IAS World History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (8) The World after World War II

The World after World War II:
(i) Emergence of two power blocs
(ii) Emergence of Third World and non-alignment
(iii) UNO and the global disputes.

(i) Emergence of two power blocs

1. In the post -Second World War scenario friends in war did not remain friends in peace. Examine the truth of this view in the period of your study. [1999, 60 Marks]

2. Critically examine the various dimensions and phases of the cold war between 1947 and 1962. [2005, 60 Marks]

3. “After World War II, the strategy of the West towards Soviet bloc crystallized as a ‘policy of containment’.” [2008, 20 Marks]

4. Discuss  the  circumstances  leading  to  the  Suez  Crisis  of  1956  and  examine  its repercussions on global politics. [2014, 10 Marks]

5. “The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan were considered by Russian Bloc as a weapon against Russia in order to restrict her influence.” Critically examine. [2015, 20 Marks]

(ii) Emergence of Third World and non-alignment

1. Explain the circumstances leading to the emergence of Third World and analyze its impact on world affairs. [2010, 30 Marks]

2. Would you argue that the Non-Aligned Movement played a crucial role in promoting a climate of peace? [2011, 30 Marks]

3. The role of the Non-Alignment Movement in world affairs had suffered greatly due to the theatre of internecine conflicts among th Third World countries who spearheaded it.” Elucidate. [2015, 10 Marks]

(iii) UNO and the global disputes

1. “The Security Coumcil is the heart of the United Nations.” Comment. [2003, 10 Marks]

2. Examine the peace keeping efforts of the United Nations Organization. [2009, 30 Marks]

3. “In spite of the careful framing of the charter, the role of UNO as Peacekeeper and international mediator has been somewhat lacklustre and muted and that continues to be so even after the end of cold war.” Elucidate. [2013, 25 Marks]

4. “The UNO was crated in the light of the experience of the ‘League of Nations’, but in spite of the mandate contained in the UNO constitution, its effective role in maintaining world peace had lacked cohesiveness and collective approach.” Examine. [2015, 20 Marks]

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