[Topic wise IAS Medieval Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (3) The Thirteenth Century

Establishment of the Delhi Sultanate: The Ghurian invasions – factors behind Ghurian success – Economic, social and cultural consequences
Foundation of Delhi Sultanate and early Turkish Sultans – Consolidation: The rule of Iltutmish and Balban

1. What were the problems Balban faced? How far did he succeed in solving them? Was he a trendsetter in his theory of kingship? [1985, 60m]

2. Write a short note on: “Main sources of information for the history of the 13th century.” [1987, 20m]

3. Discuss the salient features of Indian society on the eve of the campaigns of Mahmud of Ghazni, with particular reference to the observations made by Al-Biruni. [1989, 60m]

4. Comment on “Balban’s theory of kingship.” [1995, 20m]

5. Give an estimate of Ghiasuddin Balban. [1996, 60m]

6. Write a short essay on: “The ‘Corps of Forty’ and its relations with the Sultans.” [2004, 20m]

7. Bring out the main features of the administration system under Delhi Sultanate during Turko-Afghan Period. [2006, 60m]

8. Write a short essay on: “The ‘Corps of Forty’ and its relations with the Sultan.” [2008, 20m]

9. Assess the contribution of Iltutmish for the expansion and consolidation of the Delhi Sultanate. [2011, 20m]

10.  How did the Mongol invasions affect the Delhi Sultanate and the north-western frontier policy of the Delhi Sultans? [2012, 30m]

11. Analyze the steps taken by Razia Sultan to strengthen her position as an independent ruler despite various obstacles. [2013, 10m]

12. What measures did Balban adopt to combat the Mongol menace? [2015, 10m]