[Topic wise IAS Ancient Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (2) Pre-history and Proto-history

Pre-history and Proto-history: Geographical factors; hunting and gathering (paleolithic and mesolithic); Beginning of agriculture (neolithic and chalcolithic).

1. Describe the distinguishing features of important archaeological cultures of the Indian subcontinent datable between c. 2000 B.C. and c. 500 B.C. [1995, 60m]

2. To what extent archaeological materials are useful in understanding the progress of Neolithic man in India? [2010, 30m]

3.  In  the  absence  of  a  written  script  Chalcolithic  pottery  gives  us  a  fascinating  insight into the culture and life styles of the people of those times. Comment critically. [2013, 15m]