[Topic wise IAS Ancient Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (5) Aryans and Vedic Period

[Topic wise IAS Ancient Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (5) Aryans and Vedic Period

Aryans and Vedic Period: Expansions of Aryans in India. Vedic Period: Religious and philosophic literature; Transformation from Rig Vedic period to the later Vedic period; Political, social and economical life; Significance of the Vedic Age; Evolution of Monarchy and Varna system.

1. Give an account of the geography of the Vedic texts and describe the social life during the Vedic times. [1979, 60m]

2. Discuss the political pattern and the major religious ideas and rituals of the Vedic age. [1980, 60m]

3. Examine the contribution of Vedic culture in the sphere of social institutions and religion. Was there any continuity between the Indus and the Vedic cultures in this respect? [1983, 60m]

4. What was the position of Varuna in the Vedic system of Gods? [1984, 20m]

5. Discuss the geographical area known to the Rig Vedic people. Were they familiar with the sea? [1985, 60m]

6. Write a short essay on: “Democratic elements in the political system of the early Vedic period.” [1986, 20m]

7. Write a short essay on: “Position of women in the Rig Vedic society” [1988, 20m]

8. Write a short essay on: “The formulation of social system in the later Vedic period.” [1990, 20m]

9. Compare the economic, social and religious life of the Indus Valley (Harappan) people with that of the early Vedic people and discuss the relative chronology of the Indus and the early Vedic cultures. [1987, 60m]

10. Discuss briefly the development of religious ideas and rituals in the Vedic age. Do they show any parallelism with the religion of the Indus Civilization? [1989, 60m]

11. Bring out the elements of change and continuity between the Early Vedic and Later Vedic Cultures. [1993, 60m]

12. Analyse the differences and similarities between Indus Valley and Vedic Cultures. [1992, 60m]

13. Write a brief essay on: “The Vedic Gods of the terrestrial region.” [1993, 20m]

14. Write a short essay on:  “Vedic literature” [1995, 20m]

15. Write a short essay on: “Vedic rituals” [1997, 20m]

16. Give a brief account of the social and economic conditions of the Later Vedic Aryans. [1998, 60m]

17. Describe the social life of the later Vedic people. How was it different from the Rig Vedic life? [2004, 60m]

18. Evaluate the various approaches to the understanding of Vedic religion. [2009, 30m]

19. Evaluate the conceptual basis of the Vedic deities. [2011, 30m]

20. Examine the view that sacrifice was a ritual and a form of social exchange in Vedic India. [2010, 30m]

21. Evaluate  various  views  regarding  human  settlements  as  gleaned  from  the  Vedic sources. [2013, 15m]

22. Evaluate the contribution of the Puranas in disseminating secular knowledge among the masses in ancient India. [2013, 15m]

23. “The Varna concept may always have been largely a theoretical model and never an actual description of society.” Comment in the context of Ancient India. [2013, 15m]

24.  “The Upanishadic principles embody the epitome of the Vedic thought.” Discuss. [2014, 15m]

25. “Archaeology knows of no Aryans; only literature knows of Aryans.” Examine critically. [2015, 10m]

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