[Topic wise IAS Ancient Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (7) Mauryan Empire

[Topic wise IAS Ancient Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (7) Mauryan Empire

Mauryan Empire: Foundation of the Mauryan Empire, Chandragupta, Kautilya and Arthashastra; Ashoka; Concept of Dharma; Edicts; Polity, Administration; Economy; Art, architecture and sculpture; External contacts; Religion; Spread of religion; Literature. Disintegration of the empire; Sungas and Kanvas.

1. Discuss the nature of Ashoka’s Dhamma. Was it responsible for the downfall of his empire? [1979, 60m]

2. Critically examine the sources for the study of Mauryan dynasty. How are they useful in understanding the Mauryan administration? [1980, 60m]

3. Bring out the elements of change and continuity in the domestic and foreign policies of Ashoka. [1981, 60m]

4. Do you think that the economic factors were alone responsible for the disintegration of the Mauryan Empire? [1982, 20m]

5. Analyze Ashoka’s policy of Dhamma and account for its failure. [1983, 60m]

6. Examine the administrative system of the Mauryas and discuss briefly the causes of disintegration of the Mauryan Empire. [1984, 60m]

7. Discuss critically the relative importance of the different source for the history of   the Mauryan period. [1986, 60m]

8. Write a short essay on: “Mauryan court art as an alien grafting” [1988, 20m]

9. Discuss the comparative merit of the Arthasastra, the Indica and Ashokan Inscriptions as sources for the administration, socio-economic conditions and religious life in the Mauryan period. [1989, 60m]

10. Write a short essay on: “The Maurya policy of regulating and controlling economic activities.” [1990, 20m]

11. Write a short essay on: “Contents of Asoka’s dhamma and reasons for Asoka’s keenness to propagate dhamma.” [1991, 20m] 12. Write a brief essay on: “Similarities and differences between the Maurya columns and Achaemenian pillars.” [1993, 20m]

13. Examine the importance of Ashoka’s Rock Edit XIII for determining the extent of the Maurya Empire. Did Ashoka’s policies and reforms contribute to the fall of the empire? [1993, 60m]

14. Determine the veracity of Megasthenes’ descriptions of Indian society and economy with the help of other contemporary evidences. [1994, 60m]

15. Write a short essay on:  “Inscriptions of Ashoka” [1995, 20m] 16. Write a short essay on:  “Mauryan municipal administration.” [1996, 20m]

17. Write a short essay on: “The architectural and artistic features of the great stupa at Sanchi” [1997, 20m]

18. Examine sources of information for Mauryan dynasty. Throw light on historical significance of Ashoka’s inscriptions. [1999, 60m]

19. How did Ashoka contribute to the moral and administrative welfare of his people? [2000, 60m]

20. Analyse the causes of the success of the Magadhan imperialism upto the reign of Ashoka the Great. [2001, 60m]

21. Examine the nature of the Mauryan State. Bring out the features of their administrative system. [2002, 60m]

22. Determine the extent of the Mauryan empire. [2005, 60m]

23.  Examine the role of adhyaksha in the Mauryan administration. [2012, 30m]

24. Social  norms  for  women  in  the  Dharmasastra  and  Arthasastra  tradition  were framed in accordance with the Varnashrama tradition. Evaluate critically. [2013, 20m]

25.  Discuss  different  interpretations  of  historians  about  the  nature  of  Asoka’s  ‘Dhamma’. Did his principle of ‘Dhamma-vijaya’ render the Mauryan Empire militaristically weak? [2014, 20m]

26.  Delineate the nature and impact of India’s contact with Western Asia and the Mediterranean world during the Mauryan period. [2015, 15m]

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