GS Mains IAS Previous Years Question Paper 2 – 1993


1. (a) What are the essentials of a true federation? Analyse the nature of the Indian federation. (About 250 words)     40


(b) Describe the powers and functions of the Council of States. Compare its powers with those of the House of the People. (About 250 words)


2. (a) Discuss the main issues involved in the provisions regarding the Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights in the DUNKEL Draft text, in relation to India.    40


(b) One of the priority objectives of the Eight Five year Plan is the ”generation of adequate employement to achieve near full emloyement level by the turn of the century.” (Eight Five year Plan)

What is the strategy envisaged for the fullfilment of this objective? (About 250 words)        40


3. (a) What is a supercomputer? Give an account of supercomputer development in India. (About 250 words) 40


(b) What is genetic conservation? Bring out the salient features of genetic conservation activity in India.



4. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words):        20+20

(a) What are the fundamental duties and their implications.

(b) Describe the doctrine of colourable legislation.

(c) Describe the composition and functions of the Election Commission of India.

(d) Describe the composition and functions of the National Development Council.


5. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words):        20+20

(a) What measures have been taken by the Government of India to attract direct foreign investment, as a part of the new strategy of Industrial Development in India?

(b) Bring out the main change in the Panchayti raj System in India through the Seventy Third Constitutional Amendment Act?

(c) it is claimed that the price situation in India improved considerably in 1992-93 with a gradual decline in the annual rate of inflation in the course of the year. What are the factors that moderated the inflationary pressures?

(d) In a developing country like ours what according to you, should be the basis of taxation-income or consumption? Spell out your arguments clearly.


6. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words):    15+15

(a) Give your assesment of the soundness of large river vally projects with high dams vis-a-vis smaller river valley projects.

(b) Which parts of India are described as ‘arid zones’? Comment on the characteristics and economic activities prevalant in these regions?

(c) What is remote sensing? Describe the status of remote sensing in India.

(d) What is social forestry? Describe how social forestry can help in the uplift of the rural poor.


7. Answer any two of the following (Answer to each question should be in about 150 words):        20+20

(a) Give an account of the achievements of Indian defence scientists in technology development.

(b) Describe how biotechnology is finding in medicine. Give a few current examples.

(c) What is a CD-ROM? Describe its main advantages a vehicle for information dissemination.

(d) What is RDX made of? Why has it been in the news lately?



8. Answer four question from Group A, three from Group B and three from Group C (Answer to each question should be in about 25 words):


(a) What does SDR stand for? how are the countries benefited by it?

(b) What do you mean by Government Buffer Stock Operations?

(c) What is Opportunity Cost?

(d) What is ICOR? What does a high ICOR indicate?

(e) What is a biosphere reseve?

(f) What is meant by growth rate of population?



(a) Distinguish between preventive detention and punitive detention.

(b) What are the various writs available to the citizens of India?

(c) When and why was the National Literacy Mission founded?

(d) What is meant by ‘equal protection of law’?

(e) What is the content of the 10th Schedule of the Constituion of India?

(f) What is the purpose of Article 24 of the Constitution of India?



(a) What is an E-lamp? What are its main advantages?

(b) What is DPT vaccine? What is it used for?

(c) What are synthetic seeds?

(d) What are jet strams?

(e) What do the following stand for:


(ii) HVDC

(iii) GMRT

(f) What is VIKAS engine? What is it being used for?


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