DPPH- 17 February

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Objective Problems:

1. Which of the following is true about the famous statue of Gommateshwara or Lord Bahubali situated in Shravana Belagola?

i. It is the world’s tallest monolithic free standing structure.

ii. It is made up of sandstone and limestone.

iii. It was commissioned by Camundaraya, the Prie inister of Ganga king of Mysore.

iv. It is related to Jainism.


(a) i, ii and iii

(b) i, iii and iv

(c) ii, iii and iv

(d) i and iv

2.  Mamallapuram is famous for:

(i) The temples built by Pandyas.

(ii) Descent of the Ganges or Arjuna Penance – a giant open-air rock relief

(iii) Ancient port city

(iv) Rock cut architecture of Five Rathas

Choose the correct option:

(a) i, ii and iii

(b) i, ii and iv

(c) ii, iii and iv

(d) All

3. Which of the following is true about Khajuraho temples which were patronised by the Chadellas:

i. They all are made of sand-stone.

ii. They are of Panchayatana style.

iii. They are known for their erotic sculptures.

iv. The interior of the temples are not decorated profusely.

v. The occurrence of two amalakas, one larger and other smaller on the pinnacle of the shikhara is special characteristics of central Indian temple style exhibited by Khajuraho temples.

(a) All except i and ii

(b) All except i and iv

(c) All except ii and iv

(d) All

4. PM Modi had gifted Rogan Painting and Pattachitra Painting to USA and French President respectively. Consider the following statement regarding these paintings:

i. Rogan painting is from Orrissa.

ii. Pattachitra is from Gujarat.

iii. Both are cloth painting.

iv. Both uses natural colour.

Which of the above statements are true:

(a)  i and ii

(b) i, ii and iii

(c) iii and iv

(d) All

5. Consider the following statements regarding ‘Yoga’:

i. Yoga is one of the six major schools of philosophy of Hinduism.

ii. International Yoga day is celebrated on 21st June every year because this date is summer solstices, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere and has special significance in many parts of the world as well as Indian mythology.

iii. It has been added to the Intangible Cultural Heritage List prepared by the UNESCO.

iv. B. K. S. Iyengar has been credited with popularising Yoga around the world.

Choose the correct statement:

(a) All except i

(b) All except ii

(c) All except iii

(d) All except iv

6. Consider the following statement regarding the Chola sculpture arts:

i. Siva became the central image in most of Chola stone and bronze sculpture.

ii. Nataraj is the famous Chola sculpture.

iii. Technique of metal casting called the the lost wax process were used for bronze sculpture.

Which of the above statement is/are incorrect:

(a) All

(b) None

(c) i and ii

(d) iii

7. Which of the following is incorrect about the Dravida Temple Architecture:

(a) It is enclosed within a compound wall.

(b) The front wall has an entrance gateway in its centre known as Gopuram.

(c) The shape of the main temple tower is like the stepped pyramid that rises up geometrically. .

(d) In all temples, the temple temple in which Garbhagriha is situated has the largest towers.

8. Which of the following is true about the Nagara Temple Architecture:

i. The Garbha Griha (sanctum) is always located directly under the tallest tower.

ii. Chalukyas of Badami built only Nagara style of temples.

iii. Multiple shikhara rising together as a cluster was not popular in Nagara style like in Dravida style.

iv. The shape of the main temple tower is like the curvilinear shikhara.


(a) i, ii and iii

(b) i, iii and iv

(c) ii and iii

(d) i and iv

9. Which of the following contains Mural painting?

i. Ajanta Caves

ii. Ellora Caves

iii. Bagh Caves

iv. Brihadishwarar temple

(a) All

(b) All except ii and iv

(c) All except i and ii

(d) All except iv

10. Tanjore painting flourished during:

i. Cholas

ii. Vijayanagara Kingdom

iii. Vardhanas

iv. Nayakas

(a) i

(b) i and ii

(c) iii

(d) i, ii and iv

Mains Questions (General Studies and History Optional):

Q. Give an account of important differences between Nagara, Dravida and Vessara style of temple architecture. (200 words)


Reference- II

Q. What were the impact and significance of Bhakti movement? (200 words)


Mains Questions (Only for History Optional):

Q The culmination of Chola temple architecture is represented by the Brihadishvara temple at Tanjavaur. Discuss.

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