My Civil Services Interview (31 March, 2016: Second Interview, Second Attempt, Rank: 392)


Name of Board – Arvind Saxena Sir

Date of Interview – 31 March, 2016

Session and Interview duration – Morning. I was the fourth one to go out of six in my board. Interval was about 30-35 Minutes.

My Background:

Second Attempt, Second Interview.

Optional: History.

Btech in ECE from IIT Guwahati, IT Sector job in Oracle, Teaching job.

Related places in Detailed Application Form (DAF): Gaya, Patna, Guwahati, Bangalore, Tokyo, Paris.

Hobby: Composing Hindi Poetry, Updating personal website.


(Questions are not in perfect chronological order)

Chairman (Arvind Saxena):

Why CPI is more than WPI? (Could not answer well)

Questions related to blockade of Nepal including first bloackade during Rajiv Gandhi Gov. (Answered)

What is most favored nation? (Answered)

Percentange of consumption on food in rural and urban area? (Answered with approx values)

Why Civil services in spite of earning so much money? (Answered)

Should bureaucrats, judges etc be given post retirement job? Positive and negative? What is the solution? (Answered)

Why are you having personal website? (Answered)

Some questions related to my internship project. (Answered)

Member 1:

What is your weakness? (Told: My communication skill)

What is super30? Who is the founder? Where else it has been expanded? (Answered only first part)

Will recent e-commerce regulation help consumers? (Answered in negative and cross-questined by M1)

You used the term ‘bureaucratic hurdle’. Then why do you want to become bureaucrat if it is used negatively? (Answered)

Member 2:

Name of two famous religious place in western and northern part of Guwahati? (Answered only one)

Who built Kamakhya Temple? (Could not answer)

Name all states of north East india. Why north east india is underdeveloped? Problems of Nagaland and recent peace talks? Recent problems of Manipur? Mizo peace accord? Who are against bodos and from where they had come? Peace talks of ULFA and gov? Where paresh baruah is hiding? Which ulfa leader has been brought back from Bangladedh recently?
(Answered almost all)

Member 3 (Lady):

Question about solid state? (Couldnt answer satisfactorily)

What is semiconductor? (Answered)

Difference between electronics and electrical? (Answered few points but not as much as she wanted)

Why Shizo Abe had visited shrine? Who had problems with his visit? Why so bitter relations between Japan and China&Korea? Who were comfort women? Historical background of the events? About japanese pacifist constitution, who wrote it, what are recent reinterpretations? How this reinterpretation will work if Japan has no formal army?
(Answered all)

Member 4:

Historical personality who fascinates you? Why? (Answered)

Who built Golghar? Why it was built? (Answered but second part was partially correct)

Total power generating capacity in India? (Answered)

UDAY Scheme? Will it help in reducing transmission loss? (Answered)

Percentage of T&D loss? (Answered)

Is electrocity theft included in T&D loss or in AT&C loss (I said only in AT&C loss, he corrected me and said in both)

Marks obtained in interview: 162/275

Rank: 392

Feedback about the interview / board –

This interview experience was much much better than the last year but I could get only 2 marks more (162 compared to 160) and it was kind of socking to me. I answered most of the difficult questions with clarity. I tried to find out probable reasons and I could list some of them:

  1. My communication skill was below average and my voice was bit down (unlike first interview).
  2. I never smiled during interview (unlike first interview).
  3. I answered some questions with not so great confidence and sometimes fumbled also.
  4. I could not answer the first and the last question which might (or might not) have given some negative impression.
  5. Probably board also matters as some board gives good marks, some very bad while some gives average marks.

Funny thing about the interview is that you can never predict your performance. During my first attempt, I got more than expected and during this attempt, I got much less than expected (I was seriously expecting 190+). There are some cases where same marks in main examination could lead a person to under ten rank while others to out of the final list and the reason is huge variations in interview marks. There are also cases where same person gets marks 200+ in a particular attempt while gets marks in 120s in next attempt and I dont believe someone’s personality will deteriote or improve by such a huge variation in one year. That means interview (called Personality Test) is highly subjective which depends, apart from your performance, on whim of the board  also. One should try to give best as you can’t do more than this.

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