Daily Problem Practise for History Optional and GS Paper I (7 December)

For History Optional:

Q.1 Why  was  Mysore  considered  a  threat  by  the  British  to  their  possessions  and  mercantile interests  in  the  south?  Do  you  think  that  Tipu  Sultan’s  posturing  became  his  undoing?  

For History Optional and GS Paper I:

Q.1 Dalhousie  changed  the  map  of  India  with  speed  and  thoroughness  no  campaign  could equal.”  Comment. 

Q.2 Thus  ended  the  famous  battle  of  Buxar,  on  which  depended  the  fate  of  India  and  which was as  gallantly  disputed  as  was important  in  its  results.” Comment. 


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