Schedule for Week-1 (15 October to 19 October): Daily Problem Practice for History Optional [2019 Test Series]

SCHEDULE FOR WEEK-1 (15 October to 19 October): Ancient India

15th October:

  • Map based questions on Palaeolithic sites, Mesolithic sites, Neolithic sites, Chalcolithic sites, Megalithic sites, PGW sites.

16th October

  • Map based questions on Harappan sites, Temple sites, Ancient Port sites, Ancient Cave sites, Ancient Education centres.

17th October:

  • Map based questions on Religious sites, Capital Cities, Inscription sites, Fort sites, Hominid fossil sites and other sites.

18th October:

  • Prehistory and Protohistory: Hunting and gathering (Palaeolithic and Mesolithic).

19th October:

  • Prehistory and Protohistory: Beginning of agriculture (Neolithic and Chalcolithic).


  • All those enrolled for 2019 Test Series can send their answers for evaluation in PDF format after scanning (you can use camscanner) on
  • Answers will be evaluated within two days.
  • Solution of all posted questions will be available to those enrolled for the test series.

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