History Optional Paper II (2018): Section B [World History]

History Optional Paper II (2018): Section B [World History]

Q.5 Critically examine the following statements in about 150 words: [10×5=50 Marks]

(a) “With the writings of Karl Marx, Socialism assumed the form of Scientific Socialism.” [10 Marks]

(b) “The American War of Independence transformed Europe as well as America.” [10 Marks]

(c) “The Industrial Revolution put mobility in the place of stability.” [10 Marks]

(d) At the end of the Battle of Sedan (1870), “Europe lost a mistress and gained a master”. [10 Marks]

(e) “Until December 1941, the battlefield of the Second World War was exclusively European and Atlantic; thereafter it became also Asiatic and Pacific.” [10 Marks]

Q.6 (a) Explain the major ideas of Enlightenment. Discuss the contribution of Rousseau in Enlightenment. [20 Marks]

(b) Discuss how Japan industrialised after the Meiji Restorations. What were  the consequences for its neighbours? [20 Marks]

(c) Explain the features of Apartheid in South Africa. [10 Marks]

Q.7 (a) Examine the role of Bismarck in state building in Germany. [20 Marks]

(b) Discuss the factors constraining development of Africa after decolonization. [20 Marks]

(c) Outline the circumstances leading to the adoption of Marshall Plan. [10 Marks]

Q.8 (a) In the Chinese Revolution of 1949, the elements of communism and nationalism were discernible. Explain the statement in the light of Mao’s strategy which was different from that of Lenin. [20 Marks]

(b) Discuss how far the United Nations has been successful in resolving global disputes from year 1946 to 1991. [20 Marks]

(c) Review the policy of Glasnost adopted by Gorbachev. [10 Marks]

Note: This year world history questions were mainly from the previous years questions. All these questions were covered in our solved questions answers and test series papers.

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