Weekly Problem Practice For History Optional- 2020 [World History: Week 2]

Weekly Problem Practice For History Optional- 2020 [World History: Week 2]

Q.1 “I found the crown of France lying on the ground, and I picked it up with my sword.” Explain Napoleon’s perspective. [10 Marks]

Q.2 “Vladimir Lenin statues had been pulled down in Tripura last year by mobs which clearly shows how opinions had been sharply divided about Lenin and he remains a controversial figure in the history.” Critically discuss different views regarding Lenin’s controversial personality among historians and his responsibility of the excesses and atrocities during the Stalin era. [20 Marks]

Q.3 “Mussolini tried to solve Italian problem through the concept of Corporatism.” Critically comment. [10 Marks]

Q.4 “The weakness of the Kuomintang and the strength of the Communists led to the victory of the Communists in the Chinese Revolution which left a deep impact on the world politics.” Explain. [20 Marks]


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