History Optional 2019 Main Paper II [Section B- World History]


Q.5 Critically examine the following statements in about 150 words each: 10×5=50

(a) “The arguments of the free traders were a curious mixture of economic hard-headedness, social benevolence, cosmopolitan idealism and class prejudice.” [10 Marks]

(b) “There are many ways in which the war of 1914-18 was unprecedented, and in human history, entirely novel.” [10 Marks]

(c) “The effectiveness of the League of Nations to prevent or to check Japanese aggression against China was the first serious blow to its prestige as an agency for providing security.” [10 Marks]

(d) “Non-alignment came to symbolize the struggle of India and other newly independent nations to retain and strengthen their independence from colonialism and imperialism.” [10 Marks]

(e) How would you explain the nature of pre-Marxian Socialism? [10 Marks]

Q.6 (a) How did the policies of governments facilitate the process of industrialisation in Europe? [20 Marks]

(b) How was Italy transformed from ‘a geographical expression’ to a nation-state? [20 Marks]

(c) How far did the Napoleonic preferential stance to help out the French economy result in embroiling France in continental conflict? [10 Marks]

Q.7 (a) Which factors would you attribute to the British colonial intervention in Malaya in the 19th century? How did Malays react to British colonial rule? [20 Marks]

(b) Explain why Latin America was beset with chronic political instability and endemic military conflicts throughout most of the 19th century. [20 Marks]

(c) Do you agree with the view that the formation of NATO marked a revolution in American attitude to the world problems? [10 Marks]

Q.8 (a) Do you subscribe to the view that the Greek War of Independence was mired in contrasts of the best and the worst episodes? How did it affect the Concert of Europe? [20 Marks]

(b) Was Czechoslovakia served on a dish to Hitler at Munich? What were its implications? [20 Marks]

(c) Analyze the role of Egypt after the Second World War in bringing about Arab unity. [20 Marks]

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