Weekly Problem Practice For History Optional- 2020 [Modern India: Week 4]

Weekly Problem Practice For History Optional- 2020 [Modern India: Week 4]

Q.1 “The Santhal hool began in July 1855. The core of the movement was economic, the basic cause of the uprising was agrarian discontent.” – Elucidate

Q.2 “Rural society responded to colonial rule in an entirely different way as compared to urban intelligentsia.” In the context of above statement examine the nature of peasant and tribal revolts. How were these movements different from that led by new emerging urban middle class? [10 Marks] 

Q.3 “Post-1857 peasant revolt saw the greater awareness of laws and institutions among the peasantry and involvement of the educated middle-class intelligentsia as spokespersons for the aggrieved peasantry.” Analyse. How the subaltern school views the outside intervention of middle class intelligentsia? [20 Marks]

Q.4 “The Congress was not found in a day. It was the result of various events and political awakening that had begun in the 1870s.” Illustrate. [20 Marks]


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