History Optional Mains Paper I: 2021 [Section B- Medieval India]


Q.5 Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 10×5=50


(a) Discuss the different stages of Indian feudalism and analyze its impact on Indian political system. [10 Marks]

(b) Do you consider Sultan Iltutmish to be the real founder of the Delhi Sultanate? Discuss. [10 Marks]

(c) Identify the different categories of Persian literature which emerged during the Delhi Sultanate. [10 Marks]

(d) Examine the causes of Babur’s success against the Ibrahim Lodi in the First Battle of Panipat. [10 Marks]

(e) Discuss the attitude of Chishti saints towards the state. How were the Suhrawardi saints different in their attitude towards the government? [10 Marks]


(a) Discuss the transformation of Sikh community from a Nirguna Bhakti sect into a politico-military organization. [20 Marks]

(b) Give your assessment of Bahlol Lodi’s relation with his nobility. [15 Marks]

(c) Examine the basic features of Mughal tomb architecture with special reference to the Taj Mahal. [20 Marks]


(a) Discuss the importance of Iqta system. How did it help in centralization of administration of the Delhi Sultanate. [15 Marks]

(b) Why is the reign of the Khaljis known as the ‘Khalji Revolution’?[15 Marks]

(c) The late seventeenth century Mughal India is considered to be a period of Jagirdari crisis. Discuss.[20 Marks]


(a) “The Chola rulers were not only mighty conquerors, efficient administrators but also builders of fine temples.” Comment. [15 Marks]

(b) Discuss with relevant illustrations the relations between Akbar and the Rajput states. [15 Marks]

(c) How far is it justified to consider the states like Bengal, Awadh and Hyderabad as ‘successor states’ of the Mughal state? [20 Marks]

Note: All Questions are from our topic wise study materials.

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