Weekly Problem Practice For History Optional- 2022 [Ancient India: Week 8]

Q. Identify the following places marked on the map and write a short note of about 30 words on each of them in your Answer sheet. Locational hints for each of the places marked on the map are given below seriatim: [2.5×16= 40 Marks]

(i) Neolithic site

(ii) Paleolithic site

(iii) PGW site

(iv) Early Harappan site

(v) Chalcolithic site

(vi) Megalithic site

(vii) Ancient education centre

(viii) Ancient cave site

(ix) Temple site

(x) Ancient mosque site

(xi) World Heritage site

(xii) Ancient trading post

(xiii) Chalcolithic site

(xiv) Famous inscription site

(xv) Chalcolithic and late Harappan site

(xvi) Mesolithic site


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