Daily Problem Practice for 2024 History Optional [Modern India: Week 6]

Q.1 “Partition of India and Pakistan happens to be the most contested discursive territory of South Asian historiography.” Elaborate the statement by giving various views of historians regarding partition of India and Pakistan. [20 Marks]

Q.2 “We have now an open conspiracy to free this country from foreign rule and you, comrades, and all our countrymen and countrywomen are invited to join it.” Discuss Jawaharlal Nehru’s perspective of his presidential address at Congress Session of Lahore. [10 Marks]

Q.3 “The very idea of the bomb and the secret society, and of propaganda through action and sacrifice were import from the West.” Substantiate. [20 Marks] 

Q.4 “After all we framed the constitution of 1935 because we thought it the best way to hold India to the Empire.” Explain the perspective of the then Viceroy Lord Linlithgow. [10 Marks]


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