Weekly Problem Practice for 2024 History Optional [Ancient India: Week 5]

Q.1 What were the different kind of functions performed by guilds in ancient India during c. 200 B.C. – c. 300 A.D.? Discuss with the help of contemporary sources. [15 Marks]

Q.2 Discuss Indo-Roman trade between the 2nd century BCE and 2nd century CE by mentioning various sources, reasons of trade and one way trade. [15 Marks]

Q.3 Give a brief account of religious belief and rituals of Sangam age on the basis of literary sources. [15 Marks]

Q.4 Furnish a comparative account of three major schools of art (Mathura school, Gandhara school and Amaravati school) in the Post -Mauryan period (c. 200 B.C. – c. 300 A.D.) along with their features. [20 Marks]


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