Weekly Problem Practice For History Optional- 2023 [Modern India: Week 7]

Q.1 Analyse land reforms measures and its various components in India between 1947 and early 1960’s. [20 marks]

Q.2 “The Chipko, the first major environmental movement in post-independence India India, signified that environment issues are often women’s issues because they suffer most from its deterioration.” Comment. [10 Marks]

Q.3 “The situation held dangerous potentialities and if we did not handle it promptly & effectively our hard-earned freedom might disappear through the states’ door.” In the light of the given statement, discuss the role played by Sardar Patel in integration of the Princely States in Indian Union. [20 Marks]

Q.4 “I believe two things. As I just said, there must be no imposition. Secondly, for an indefinite period – I do not know how long – I should have, I would have English as an associate, additional language which can be used not because of facilities and all that… but because I do not wish the people of Non-Hindi areas to feel that certain doors of advance are closed to them because they are forced to correspond – the Government, I mean – in the Hindi language.” In the light of the given statement, explain Nehru’s approach in solving the question of official language in India after independence and obstacles which came in the process. [20 Marks]

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