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Enlightenment and Modern ideas

Origin of Modern Politics


Nation-State System

Imperialism and Colonialism

Revolution and Counter-Revolution

World Wars

The World after World War II

Liberation from Colonial Rule

Decolonization and Underdevelopment

Unification of Europe

Disintegration of Soviet Union and the Rise of the Unipolar World

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  1. Many topics are about to be completed…will be upload soon.. French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Chinese Revolution, Industrial Revolution, American Constitution,Enlightenment ammd modern states, German and Italy nationalism are lined up

    1. thanku sooo much for such awesome material……..impatiently waiting for rest of the topics of world history to get completed…plz sir if possible finish it before mains 2016

  2. (ii) European Community, Consolidation and Expansion of European Community

    (iii) European Union


  3. Thanks for your material. I have a question on the syllabus topic “Disintegration of Empires in the face of the emergence of nationalities across the world”. Does this include decolonization and independence of Latin America,Afro-asian Countries?

  4. Sir….any idea remaining world history topics will be uploaded here by what month ? Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Thanks for the initiative. It is really helpful and as per the syllabus. Kindly complete the rest of the headings. It would help us further to finish up a section fully. Again hearty thanks.

  6. Sir can i rely on ur world history notes or have to prepare from other resources ..plz help i m confused?and thanks for your selfless service helpful for rural cse aspirants..

    1. To be honest, nothing can be enough for complete preparation. World History Notes is exhaustive and you can rely on it, but keep solving previous years questions to see the progress. Contact for any doubts or queries.

  7. Good Material but please give it in Hindi also so that Hindi medium student get benefit from it….

  8. Thanks a ton for this

    Please provide us with the notes of the remaining topics.

    These write ups are truly valuable in understanding history.

  9. these are extremely useful. please upload the remaining topics. thanks a lot self study.

  10. Really nice material… thanks… please provide PDF files also.. erratic net connectivity is not allowing me to access the webpages… Thanks in advance

  11. thanku soo much sir for such a kind initiative…cant thanku enuff for ur help…….impatiently waiting for rest of the world history topics….i know its too much to ask but if possible please complete it before mains 2016

  12. i humbly request you sir, to please add on the remaining topics as it will be of immense help in preparing our optional subjects. we as aspirants understand that it takes a lot of hard work to prepare the material and post it on the website. i request you to upload the remaining portions of history.

  13. Thank you for the amazing work. Your notes are of immense help.
    A small request: Next can you please add remaining parts of “French revolution (part 4 and 5)”, “Rise of nationalism in 19th century” “Nationalism and state building in Germany (part 5)” and “Disintegration of Empires in the face of the emergence of nationalities across the world”

    This will give us a sense of completion in “nationalism” topics on the whole.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Respected sir , first I would like to congratulate you for making the tedious job of aspirants easy.As you have mentioned the sources of medieval history(satish chandra, IGNOU) Please let us know the sources of ancient, modern, and world history to fill up the gaps if needed .

  15. Other than these world history material provided by you what other books we need to study for complete coverage of world history?
    Please guide, I’m beginner giving CSE 2017.
    Thank you Sir !!

  16. Hii Sir
    U r doing really tremendous work n hope this site become one-stop destination for history people,I wanted one more request that if could allow people who r reading from your site to mk group n to have combine study like other sites r doing it, do past papers n then check with each other, so we don’t have to waste money in test series n mk study interesting so I m giving my whatsapp no. 08384906207 so that if anybody interested can message me.I have history as my optional. thanks

  17. Sir can u mak content downloadable…so we can read in hard copies… It will help lot…thnx for everything

  18. Many thanks Sir. You truly are doing a great service to many aspirants like me. Keep up the good work 🙂

  19. superb effort sir…….kindlly complete the rest of the topics ASAP…….that will be very helpful as I am depending on your site only

  20. Hello,
    Since lunch I am unable to see solutions to previous year questions…..’page not found’ is the message which is coming….can you please look into this..we are dependent on your website..:) thank you…

      1. Apologies Sir but wanted to say something on this…may be you can remove prev year questions from the section on which questions are being asked-like world history currently. Not having all the solutions for 2 months would seriously affect preparation as these answers are quite rich in content and help us evaluate our answers….please see into this…:)

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