GS Mains History 1980

GS Mains History 1980

1. The second half of the nineteenth century witnessed in India a strong wave of reformation in the spheres of religion and society.

2.What part was played in this directly or indirectly by Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Keshab Chandra Sen and Just M. G. Rande (Not more than 200 words)? 25

3.Mahatma Gandhi wrote in 1928 to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru: “the differences between you and me appear to be so vast and radical that there seems to be no meeting ground between us.” State briefly the difference in approach of Gandhiji and Pandit Nehru to the following two issues and indicate the impact of their views on our Constitution and Government policy”

a.Socialism as a goal of National Policy

b.Place of Industries in Indian Economy. (Not more than 150 words)

4.What were the main reasons for the decision of the British Government to leave India after transferring power the “British India” and the ‘Rulers’ of Indian states (Not more than 150 words)?25

5.Why were the states of India ‘reorganised’ in 1950? Do you think that the policy has served the purpose which the Government had in view? Give reasons for your views. 25

6.Which are the classical dances of India? Where did they originate? Name one distinguished dance of each school of classical dance. Are the measures adequate for promotion for such dances in India? What further measures would you suggest for the promotion of classical dances (Not more than 150 words). 25

7.The policy of nonalignment was enunciated by Pandit Nehru and it has become a cornerstone of the foreign policy of independent India. What are the principles underlying the concept of nonalignment? Has this policy been fruitful? Give reasons for your views (Not more than 150words).25

8.What is ‘Commonwealth’ of Nations? Who are eligible for its membership? What are its aims? How does it function? Has any member left the Commonwealth (Not more than 150 words)? 25

9.Why did USSR send troops to Afganistan? What are the broad issues involved? What has been India’s response to the Afgan situation (Not more than 150 words)?

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