GS Mains History 1981

GS Mains History 1981

1.The Caste system and the practice of untouchability were major targets of attack from the social reform movement, which grew in strength after the revolt of 1857. Indicate the main factors which gradually undermined the caste system and brought into sharp focus the evils of untouchability.

2.What was the role of Mahatma Gandhi in the eradication of untouchability and to what extent did he influence the constitution and Government policy in this regard? What further steps should be taken to wipe out untouchability (Not more than 200 words)? 25

3.One of the outstanding achievements of the Government of independent India is the integration of the former ‘Princely’ States with the Indian Union. How was this achieved? What important forces/factors helped the Unification of India (Not more than 150 words)? 25

4.When was the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation between the Republic of India and the Union of xxx Republic signed? What are the important xxx of the treaty and what is its duration? How has the Treaty served India’s interests? Does it affect India’s position as a prominent members of the Non-aligned Group of Nations (Not more than 150 words)? 25

5.Answer the questions In which State/States of India are the following festivals celebrated by a large number of people? 5


Ratha Yatra




5.In which regions of India did the following dances originate? 5


Mohini Attam


Bamboo dance

6.Indicate the states in which majority of people belonging to the following tribes beside: 5





7.Name a raga in Hindustani or Karnatik music which is xxx appropriate in the early hours of morning?

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