GS Mains History 2005

1. Answer anyone of the following questions (in about 250 words): 30

a. What in your opinion were the positive steps taken by the British to modernise India?

b. Examine the policy of Subordinate Union towards Princely States. Account for the shift from the policy of Subordinate Isolation.

2, Answer any two of the following questions (in about 150 words each): 15 × 2 = 30

a. ‘In the Montagu-Chelmsford Report communal representation and reservations were not only retained but considerably extended.’ Comment.

b. Evaluate Subhas Chandra Bose’s contribution to India’s freedom.

c. Why and how did the Congress come to accept the partition of the country?

3. Write about the following (not exceeding 20 words each): 2 × 15 = 30



Sutta Pitaka

Bhagawati Sutra


Nizamuddin Auliya


Calcutta tvladrasa

Jagat Seth

Bhawani Mandir

Baba Ram Chandra

Pandita Ramabai

Sir Thomas Roe

Moplah Rebellion




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