UPPSC Prelims- 2015, Answer Key (General Studies Paper-2) Part-2: Q. 51- 100

UPPSC Prelims- 2015, Answer Key (General Studies Paper-2)Part-2: Q. 51- 100


(51) In the process of communication the first step is

  • a. Encoding

(52) Three of the following are alike in some way and one is different. select the odd one.

  • d. 6482

(53) Find the odd one out.

  • d. Plate

(54) Statement :Should luxury hotels be banned in India.

Arguments :
I. Yes, these are places from where international criminals operate.

II. No, Affluent foreign tourist will have no places to stay.

Select the correct answer from the codes given below :

  • c. Only argument 2 is strong

(55) Arrange the following words in a logical and meaningful order :
1. country, 2. Furniture, 3. Forest 4. Woods, 5. Tree

  • a. 13542

(56) When a conclusion is usually expressed implicitly or explicitly , in term of a probabilistic statement, it refers to a

  • c. Inductive reasoning

(57) of the given statements (1) and (2) are true which of the twi conclusion I and II will follow fron the statements ?
Statements : (1) some ministers are teachers.
(2) All teachers are scholars.
Conclusions : I. Some ministers are scholars.
II. All scholars are teachers.

  • a. Only conclusion 1 follows

(58) Introducing Kamla, Mahesh said, “her Father is the only son of my father”. How was mahesh related to Kamla?

  • b. Father

(59) The following question has four statements of three segments each.
Choose the alternative where the third segment in the statement can be deduced using both the preceding two bit not just from one of them.

  • c. D only (All cops are brave. Some men re cops. Some men are brave)

(60) what is the next term in the following series? 2, 15, 41, 80, ?

  • c. 132

(61) You are Su[superintendent of police (sp) of a district. A woman approaches you regarding domestic violence and harassment by her in-laws. Her complain could not be registered in local police station because of political pressure. As SP you get this fact confirmed from the concerned police station. In such circumstance what will your  first priority.

  • d. Ask the station officer of police station to register her complain after medical examination

(62) choose the odd pairs of words:

  • d. Goldsmith: ornaments

(63) of two friends, one is studious and the other is a stage artiest also. the next day is their examination and thought the famous drama ‘Hamlet’ is being staged . what will the two decide about the examination and the drama?

  • d. Both of them will avoid drama and prepare for the examination

(64) Most students of this class are intelligent. Select the alternative below that follows from the above statement.

  • c. There are some students who are less intelligent

(65) State the logical order of the argument that follows from any three of the given five statements.

  • c. DAB

(66) This island is a colony, however, it is ___________ and receives no order from the mother country.Find out the missing word from the following.

  • c. Autonomous

(67) what is the factor that interfaces with effective problem solving ?

  • c. Distraction

(68) The length, breath and height of a room in the shape of a cuboid are increased by 10%, 20% and 50% respectively. Find the percentage increase  in the volume of the cuboid.

  • c. 98%

(69) Find the next term in the alphanumeric series.
Z1A , X2D, V6G, T2IJ, R88M

  • a.. N2676S

(70) which letter is Exactly midway between G and Q in the given alphabets. ?

b. L
(71) If ENGLAND is coded as 123456  and FRANCE IS WRITTEN AS 785291. How will GREECE be written in this coding system ?

  • a. 381191

(72) Replace the question mark(?) with appropriate word from the following :
Cruel : Kind :: Lethargy: ?

  • b. Alertness

(73) The number comming in place of question mark (?) in the following :
 1,2,3,4,4,4,7,6 ? is

  • d. 5

(74) if A’s monthly income is 40% more than that of B. How much percentage of B’s income is less than that of A?

  • c. 28 (4/7)

(75) if A= /, B = +, C = – and D = *, then which of the following is correct ?

  • d. 108C72 = 78C42

(76) The number of the triangle in the figure is  ?

  • a. 24

(77) if CASH is coded as ECUJ, then the code for BANK will be.

  • a. DCPM

(78) In a class Mohan is at the 15th position from top and 50th position from the bottom. How many total students are there in the class ?

  • b. 64

(79) Consider the figure, The number obtained from subtracting the sum of numbers in the triangle only from the number present in all the figure is ?

  • a. -4

(80) Through how many degrees does hour hand in a clock move as the time changes from 3 hours 12 minutes to 6 hours ?

  • d. 84

(81) In the series of letters : B,FJ,N,R,V,Z,D,H,L ? which of the following letters will replace the question marks ?

  • c. P

(82) The missing number in the figure is ?

  • c. 255

(83) Radha is younger than Sunita but elder than Rita, Rita is older than Geeta. Shyam is older to Rita but younger to Radha. who is the youngest.

  • d. Geeta

(84) you go North 1 km, turn right and go 1 km, then turn left and go 1 km, again tern left and go 2 km. you are facing towards :

  • a. South

(85)  The pie-chart shows the domestic budget of a family where :

  • b. 4620

(86) which one among the following boxes will be made from the given sheet of paper. ?

  • b.

(87) The median of the following values of a variable
30, 5,21,42,13,10,27,33,17,8

  • a. 19

(88) if the polynomials ax^3 – 7x^2 + 7x -2 and x^3-2ax^2+8x-8 leave the same reminder when divided by x-2, then the value of a is ?

  • c. 2

(89) A and B can complete a piece of work together in 5 days. If A works at twice his speed  and B at half of his speed, the worl can be finished in 4 days. How many days would it take for A alone to complete the work ?

  • d. 10 days

(90) The radii of two cylinders are in the ratio 2:3 and their heights are in the ratio 5:3, The ratio of their volumes is.

  • b. 20:27

(91) If X = {8^n -7n-1 : n N}  and Y = {49n-49: n N} then

  • a. X⊂Y

(92) the remainder , when x^3-6x^2+2x-4 is divided by -3x/2 + 1, is

  • b. -136/27

 (93) Arithmetic means of the cumulative frequency distribution…

  • c. 3.0

(94) ABC is a right triangle in which <A = 90, AD is perpendicular to BC , AB  = 5cm and BD  = 3 cm. the CD is equal to ?

  • b 16/3

(95) The difference between the compound interest and simple interest for 3 years at 5% per annum at 8,000 rs. will be.

  • d. 61

(96) In what ratio must 25% alcohol be mixed with 50% alcohol to get a mixture of 40% alcohol ?

  • c. 2:3

(97) The price of sugar has increa by 60%, In order to restore the original proce, by which precent the new price must be reduced ?

  • b. 37 1/2 %

(98) Apples are bought at 5 for 50rs. and an equal number at 10 for 50 rs. They are mixed and sold at 6 for 50 rs.. the gain percent is.

  • d. None of the above

(99) Internal bisectors of the angles of a parallelogram enclose a ?

  • b. Rectangle

(100) if one of the zeros of the cubic polynomial x^3_ax^2+bx+c is -1, then the product of other two zeros is ?

  • c. b-a+1

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