UPPSC Prelims- 2015, Answer Key (General Studies Paper-2)Part-1: Q. 1- 50

UPPSC Prelims- 2015, Answer Key (General Studies Paper-2)Part-1: Q. 1- 50 (SET-B)

(1) इस गद्यांश में लेखक ने मुख्य रूप से क्या वर्णित किया है

  • a. कुछ महपुरुषों का चारित्र चित्रण किया है 

(2) इस गद्यांश मे लेखक ने यूरोप के कुछ महपुरुषों के विषया मे क्या कहा है

  • c. उन्होंने उपाय तो बताये पर उनका कार्यान्वयन दूसरों पर छोड दिया

(3) इस गद्यांश मे गांधी जी के विषय मे क्या कहा है

  • d. उपर्युक्त मे से कोई नहीं

(4) तटस्थ चिंतन का क्या अभिप्राय है

  • c. निष्पक्ष होकर सोच विचार करना

(5) उक्त गद्यांश का सम्बन्ध किससे है

  • d. कर्मवाद

(6) मृगेंद्र

  • a. शार्दूल

(7) तत्सम शब्द की जोडी नहीं है

  • दधि– भात

(8) कर्पट

  • d. कपड़ा

(9) सकर्मक क्रिया का वाक्य

  • b. बालिका निबन्ध लिख रही है

(10) कौन सा वाक्य अशुद्ध है ?

a. वह दंड देने के योग्य है

(11) शुद्ध वाक्य

  • c. मैं सारी रात जगता रहा

(12) रात्रि का पर्यायवाची नहीं है

  • c. समीर

(13) अन्वय का संधि विच्छेद है

  • a. अनु + अय

(14) बहराइच , रायबरेली , सुल्तानपुर किस बोली के क्षेत्र हैं

  • अवधी

(15) निश्चल का अर्थ नहीं है

  • d. निश्चित

(16) कलेजा पर सांप लोटना

  • b. ईर्ष्या

(17) यथावर

  • c. अव्ययीभाव समास

(18) स्थावर का विलोम

  • d. जंगम

(19) शुद्ध शब्द:

  • b. कुमुदिनी

(20) गुण संधि:

  • d. देवेंद्र
(21) The slave girl was set free an paid compensation if:
  • a. she was raped by the master

(22) The laws allowed slaves to

  • a. own and inherit property

(23) According to the passage:

  • c. even the members of the upper class were slaves

(24) When Megasthene visited India he found that

  • d. the chastity of slave-girls was protected by law

(25) Why did Megasthene declared that there was no slave in India?

  • b. Indian slavery was not cruel
(26 ) choose the nearest meaning of the underlined in the following :
The price are going up by leaps and bounds : 
(a) irregularly   (b) rapidly
(C) gradually     (d) systematically
  • b. Rapidly
(27) which if the following words is the antonym of the words ‘auspicious’ ?
(a) Optical (b) Oracular
(c) Ominous (d) Austere
  • c. Ominous
(28) Fill the blank in the following sentence by choosing the most appropriate alternative : 
(A) praiseworthy (b) readable
(c) credible (d) false
  • c. Credible
(29) choose the alternative which can be substituted for the following : 
‘Time after twilight and before night’
(a) Evening (b) Dawn
(c) Dusk (d) Eclipse
  • c. Dusk
(30) Which of the following alternative gives the correct form of indirect speech of the given sentence ? 
She said to him, ” why donot you go today ?”
(a) she said to him that why he donot go today.
(b) she asked him of he was going that day.
(c) she asked him why he didnot go today.
(d) she asked him why he didnot go that day.
  • d. She asked him why he did not go that day.
(31) which one of the following alternative gives the correct synonym of the word ‘Commemorate’ ? 
(a) Boast (b) Remember
(c) Manipulate (d) Harmonise
  • b. Remember
(32) Point out the sentence in which the underlined word is an adverb : 
  • a. To eat and drink temperately is the best way to preserve health
(33) which of the following word is not a noun  : 
  • b. Quench
(34) Identify the correct Active voice of the following sentence : 
  • a. They were laughing at the clown.
(35) choose from the following, the direct speech of the sentence :  She told me that she would do it next month.
  • a. She said to me, “I shall do it next month”.
(36) which one of the following is the reason for displaying the positive personal signal of leaning forward? 
  • c. Concentration
(37) Dance is a very refined and artistic form of ? 
  • a. Non-Verbal communicattion
(38) which one of the following is false ? Interpersonal skills are developed through:
  • b. Intermittent punishment
(39) which of the following is a receiver’s weakness type of barrier to communication ?
  • d. Prejudice
(40) which one of the following gesture is interpreted as unfriendly ?
  • b. Staring
(41) which one of the following can create problem in building interpersonal relationship : 
  • a. Shyness
(42) Consider the following statements : 
Assertion (A) : people  and their problems are unique.
Reason (R) : Active listening conveys something to the person which is listening to.
  • a. Both (A) and (R) are true, but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
(43) Structure of relationship is related to.
  • b. Organization
(44) which one of the following is the reason for emitting the negative signal of scowling ? 
  • d. Annoyance
(45) Communication that cuts across function and levels in an organization is known as 
  • c. Diagonal Communication
(46) interpersonal skill requires that 
  • d.  One can effectively communicate in any language
(47) which one of the following is not a relevant factor in interpersonal skill ? 
  • b. Doubting the intentions of colleagues
(48) three of the following four pairs of numbers have the same relationships. select the odd pair out.
  • d. 2:9
(49) Three of the following are alike in some way and one is different from them. find the odd one out.
  • a. Home
(50) Statement : Should school education be made free in india.
Argument : I. Yes, this is the only way to improve the level of literacy.
II. No. it will add to the already heavy burden on the exchequer
Select the correct answer from the codes given below :
  • b. Only argument II is strong
  • Note: In first argument, use of “only” makes the statement weak

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