Neolithic Sites (For History Optional)

Neolithic Sites (For History Optional)

Mehrgarh , Kili Gul Muhammad, Rana Ghundai, Anjira, Mundigak, Gumla, Rehman Dheri, Tarakai Qila, Sarai Khola are Neolithic sites in North West Indian subcontinent

North-West India subcontinent


  • Mehrgarh in the Kachhi plain,
  • Kili Gul Muhammad in the Quetta Valley,
  • Rana Ghundai in the Loralai valley
  • Anjira in the Surab valley.
  • Mundigak

Indus plains

  • Gumla,
  • Rehman Dheri,
  • Tarakai Qila
  • Sarai Khola

North India

  • Burzahom, northeast of Srinagar;
  • Gufkral, southeast of Srinagar
  • Kanishkapura or modern Kanispur, in the Baramulla district.

Central India

  • Koldihawa and Mahagara in Allahabad district,
  • Kunjun in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh.

Mid-Gangetic Basin

  • Sohagaura, on the banks of River Rapti;
  • Chirand, on the banks of River Ghaghra

Eastern India

  • Kuchai in Orissa
  • Golbai Sasan in Orissa
  • Pandu Rajar Dhibi in West Bengal
  • Mahisdal in West Bengal
  • Barudih in Jharkhand.

North East India

  • Daojali Hading in Assam,
  • Sarutaru in Assam,
  • Napchik in Manipur

South India

  • Sangankallu,
  • Hallur,
  • Tekkalakota,
  • Brahmagiri,
  • Maski,
  • T.Narsipur,
  • Piklihal,
  • Kodekal
  • Budihal
  • Utnur,
  • Palavoy,
  • Nagarjunakonda
  • Paiyampalli



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  1. Abhi says:

    Amazing Work! Kindly upload Neolithic and Chalcolithic sites as well


  2. kumar says:

    SIR , burzahom is north-west of srinagar and gufkral is south-west of srinagar .


  3. Abhishek says:


    It’s a humble request to kindly provide with the list of other categories also. At present doing sites for a particular category in a week would help us in attempting the most predictable question in paper 1.

    Kindly do the needful. Anticipating a response.



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