[Topic wise IAS Modern Indian History Question Bank (1979-2015)]: (14) Caste and Ethnicity after 1947

Caste and Ethnicity after 1947: Backward castes and tribes in post-colonial electoral politics; Dalit movements.


1. Discuss the factors that lead to the growth of Dalit consciousness and mention the major movements aimed at their empowerment. [2010, 30m]
2. “In exercising its exclusive power the Parliament additionally enacted the Untouchability (Offences) Act in 1955.” Comment. [2008, 20m]
3. “Nehru favored the policy of integrating the tribal people in Indian society, of making them as integral part of the Indian nation even while maintaining their distinct identity and culture.” -Elaborate with special reference to Northeastern India. [2012, 30m]

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