[IAS] Daily Problem Practice for Geography and Environment [DPPGE]

Daily Problem Practice for Geography and Environment [DPPGE]

How it works?

  1. Ten objective questions will be posted daily.
  2. Solution will be provided next day.
  3. Most of the questions will be new and of good quality. Most of the previous years questions asked in UPSC will also be covered.
  4. This will be helpful for Civil Services, State PSCs and other competitive examination.
  5. Those following daily will derive maximum benefit.
  6. It will start from 16 February, 2016


Indian and World Geography – Physical, Social, Economic Geography of India and the World.


General issues on Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change


For daily history problems: Click  Daily Problem for History [DPPH]


February, 2016

DPPGE- 16 February

Answers of DPPGE- 16 February

DPPGE- 17 February

Answers of DPPGE- 17 February

DPPGE- 18 February

Answers of DPPGE- 18 February

DPPGE- 19 February

Answers of DPPGI- 19 February

DPPGE- 20 February

Answers of DPPGE- 20 February

DPPGE- 21 February

Answers of DPPGE- 21 February

DPPGE- 22 February

Answers of DPPGE- 22 February

DPPGE- 23 February

Answers of DPPGE- 23 February

DPPGE- 24 February

Answers of DPPGE- 24 February

DPPGE- 25 February

Answers of DPPGI- 25 February

DPPGE- 26 February

Answers of DPPGE- 26 February

DPPGE- 27 February

Answers of DPPGE- 27 February


DPPGE- 28 February

Answers of DPPGE- 28 February

DPPGE- 29 February

Answers of DPPGE- 29 February

MARCH- 2016


DPPGE- 1 March

Answers of DPPGE- 1 March

DPPGE- 2 March

Answers of DPPGE- 2 March

DPPGE- 3 March

Answers of DPPGE- 3 March

DPPGE- 4 March

Answers of DPPGE- 4 March

DPPGE- 5 March

Answers of DPPGE- 5 March

DPPGE- 6 March

Answers of DPPGE- 6 March

DPPGE- 7 March

Answers of DPPGE- 7 March

DPPGE- 8 March

Answers of DPPGE- 8 March

DPPGE- 9 March

Answers of DPPGE- 9 March

DPPGE- 10 March

Answers of DPPGE- 10 March

DPPGE- 11 March

Answers of DPPGE- 11 March

DPPGE- 12 March

Answers of DPPGE- 12 March

DPPGE- 13 March

Answers of DPPGE- 13 March

DPPGE- 14 March

Answers of DPPGE- 14 March

DPPGE- 15 March

Answers of DPPGE- 15 March

DPPGE- 16 March

Answers of DPPGE- 16 March



5 Comments Add yours

  1. MK says:

    Waiting for DPPGE ….
    Plz dont leave in half-way
    It was really helpful.


    1. By end of this month, everything will be updated. And from April, it will be posted daily. sorry for delay


      1. MK says:

        Trust you


  2. Jaya says:

    Sir please provide answers also.


    1. Everything will be updated by early april


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