Answers of DPPGE: 21 February

Answers of DPPGE: 21 February

Q.1 Which of the following is incorrect about catalytic converters?

a. Platinum – Palladium and Radium are used as catalyst.

b. They convert unburnt hydrocarbons into CO2 and water.

c. They convert CO and Nitric oxide into CO2 and N2 gas.

d. Motor vehicles equipped with catalyst converter should used leaded petrol.

Ans: d

Q.2 Which of the following is/are correct?

i. Organic cultivation doesn’t involve the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

ii. Organic cultivation helps to maintain a harmonious balance among the various complex ecosystems.

iii. Organic cultivation improves the quality of the soil which further improves the standards of the crops produced.

iv. Tripura became first Indian state to go for fully organic cultivation.


a. i, ii and iii

b. ii, iii and iv

c. i, ii and iv

d. ii and iii

Ans: a

Sikkim is first Indian state.

Q.3 Match the following:

List-I (Succession)       List-II

  1. In Fresh Water    i. Lithosere
  2. In Salty Water     ii. Hydrosere
  3. On Rocks             iii. Halosere
  4. At Dry Region    iv. Xerosere


1  2  3  4

a. i   iii  ii   iv

b. ii   iii  i   iv

c. iv   ii  i   iii

d. iii   iv  ii   i

Ans: b

Q.4 Which of the following statement is/are true?

i. Lion is a keystone species in forests

ii. Kangaroo rat is a keystone species in desert

iii. Fig tree is a keystone species in tropical forest.

Choose the correct option:

a. i and ii

b. ii and iii

c. i and iii

d. All

Ans: d

Q.5 Which of the following are indicators of polluted water?

i. Tubifex

ii. E. coli

iii. Chironomous Larva

iv. Sewage fungus


a. All

b. All except ii

c. All except ii and iii

d. All except i, iii and iv

Ans: a

Q.6 Match the following:

List- I                              List-II

  1. Saramati              i. Kerala
  2. Aroya Konda       ii. Orrisa
  3. Anamudi              iii. Madhya Pradesh
  4. Dhupgarh            iv. Nagaland


1  2  3  4

a. iv  ii  i  iii

b. i   ii  iii  iv

c. ii  iii  iv  i

d. iii   ii  i  iv

Ans: a

Q.7 Which of the following statement is incorrect regarding El Nino Modoki:

a. It is a coupled ocean-atmosphere phenomenon in the tropical Pacific.

b. During El Nino Modoki the sea surface temperature anomaly in eastern Pacific is not affected, but a warm anomaly arises in the central Pacific flanked by cold anomalies on both sides of the basin.

c. El Nino tends to reduce the number of Atlantic hurricanes but El Nino Modoki can lead to more hurricanes than usual in the Atlantic Ocean.

d. West Coast of United States of America is dry during El Nino but wet during El Nino Modoki

Ans: d

Q.8  Which of the following is not located on Caspian Sea?

a. Georgia

b. Azerbaijan

c. Iran

d. Kazakhstan

Ans: a

Q.9 The ministry of environment and forests has set up three vulture breeding facilities. Which of the following is not one of them?

a. Rani, Guwahati

b. Pinjore (Haryana)

c. Gadchiroli (Maharashtra)

d. Buxa (West Bengal).

Ans: c

Q.10 Consider the following statements regarding Vulture restaurant?

i. Vulture Restaurants are place where people eat Vulture meat.

ii. Vulture Restaurants are located strategically with a regular supply of safe food for vulture by collecting dead animals from local people.

iii. Vulture deaths have been caused by the ingestion of diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory medication used to treat cattle on whose carcasses the vultures feed

iv. India’s first vulture restaurant is located in the Phansad wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra.

Which of the above statements are correct?

a. All except i

b. All except ii

c. All except i and iv

d. None

Ans: a

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