[IAS] Daily Problem Practice for Geography and Environment (DPPGE): 24 February

DPPGE: 24 February

1. Which of the following is incorrect?

a.  Tungrabhadra and Krishna river merge near Erramalla hills.

b. The important site of Tiger Reserve and protected area “Bor” is situated between Eardha and Wunna rivers.

c. Palk Strait separates india and the Srilanka.

d. Sonapani glacier is not located in Karakoram Range.

2. In which of following state/ states mangrove forest is found?

a.    Odisha

b.    West Bengal

c.    Odisha, West Bengal and Tamilnadu

d.    Tamilnadu

3. Which place is surrounded by Seshchalam hills at  its north, Melagiris range at its south, Baba Budan hills at west and Nagari hills at its east

a.    Kaveri falls
b.    Hogennakkal falls
c.    Banglore Plateau
d.     Nandyal Valley

4.  Which of the following do not belong to eastern coast of India?

a.    Point Calimere

b.    False Divi Point

c.    Palmyra Point

d.    Karwar Way

5. Consider the following statements is incorrect:

a. Main reason for red colour of soil is the presence of ferric oxides.

b.The Bushmen tribe belong to Kalahari Desert.

c. Gudivada is the protected area rich in biodiversity situated near the Kolleru lake & in between two rivers than drains in bay of Bengal.

d. Shyonk river pass through the Himachal Pradesh.

6. In India, which type of forest among the following occupies the largest area?

a. Montane Wet Temperate Forest

b. Sub-tropical Dry Evergreen Forest

c. Tropical Moist Deciduous Forest

d. Tropical Wet Evergreen Forest.

7. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?

Dam/Lake                             River
a.    Govind Sagar            :        Sutlej

b.    Kolleru Lake            :        Krishna

c.    Ukai Reservoir         :        Tapi

d.    Wular Lake            :         Jhelum

8. Match the following:

List- I                              List- II

A.    Sonai Rupai                    I. West Bengal

B.    Jaldapara                        II. Arunachal Pradesh

C.    Morleen                        III. Manipur

D.    Kaibul Lamjo                    IV. Mizoram


A          B        C       D

a.    II         I        IV       III

b.    III        I        II       IV

c.     I         II        IV      III

d.      III       IV        I        II

9.    Choose the incorrect statement:

a.    Acid igneous rocks are less dense and lighter in colour.

b.    Basic igneous rocks are denser and darker in colour.

c. When rocks contain a high proportion of silica they are said to be basic.

d. Basic rocks contain a greater proportion of basic oxides.

10.    Choose the correct statement/s regarding Sedimentary rocks:

i.    Rocks precipitated chemically from solutions of one kind or another.

ii.    It is formed organically from the remains of living organisms.

iii. It is mechanically formed from the accumulation of materials derived from various rocks.


a. Only i

b. Only ii

c. Only iii

d. All

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