Solution of DPPH: 2 March

Solution of DPPH: 2 March

1. Acharya Vinoba Bhave who aimed at bringing about land reform or land distribution through his Bhoodan Movement received the first donation of land on 18th April 1951 in  the village

(a) Srikakulam in north coastal region of Andhra Pradesh

(b) Allur in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh

(c) Pochampalli in Telengana region of Andhra Pradesh

(d) Amalapuram in coastal region of Andhra Pradesh


2. Under whom did the English Army defeat Haider Ali at Poroto Novo?

(a) Eyre Coote

(b) Cornwallis

(c) Malcolm

(d) Elphinstone


3. In March 1947 at Nehru’s initiative an Asian Relations Conference attended by more than 20 countries was held in Delhi. Which of the following non-Asian countries attended this conference?

(a) Canada

(b) Australia

(c) Mexico

(d) Brazil


4. The Upanishads were rendered into Perisan by Dara-Shukoh under the title   

(a) Sirr-i-Akbar

(b) Insha-i-Mahru

(c) Khulasat-us-Siyaq

(d) Amal-i-Salih


5. In the Mughal administration, the Sadr-us-Sudur looked after which one of the following departments?   

(a) Suyurghals

(b) Zabti

(c) Mansab

(d) Buyutat


6. Diwan-i-Khalisa was responsible to look after the   

(a) Land under continuous cultivation

(b) Land under direct possession of the state

(c) Revenue-free land granted as reward

(d) Cultivable land but left fallow


7. Who among the following was the Maratha Senapati appointed by Baji Rao II in the third Anglo-Maratha war?   

(a) Bapu Gokhale

(b) Trimbakji Dengle

(c) Chintamanrao Patwardhan

(d) Yashavantro Holkar


8. In medieval Indian warfare the earthen mound built to reach the top of a besieged fort was known as   

(a) Paik

(b) Pasheb

(c) Qaba

(d) Qalbkari


9. Who was stationed by Dupleix at Hyderabad after the First Carnatic War?   

(a) Bourdonnais

(b) Lally

(c) Malcolm

(d) Bussy


10.  The Dasavatara Temple at Deogarh is of

(a) Dvikuta type

(b)  Trikuta type

(c) Ekayatana type

(d)  Punchayatana type


Mains Questions (For History Optional and Mains)
Q. Critically examine the views of Balban, Ala-ud-din Khalji and the Tughluq on the nature of  Kingship under the Delhi Sultanate. [250 words]

Q. Critically examine the economic regulations of Ala-ud-din Khalji. [250 words]


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