Daily Problem Practice for Geography and Environment (DPPGE): 2 March

DPPGE: 2 March

1.Which one of the following pairs is associated with the  shortest  distance  between  mainlands  of  India and Sri Lanka ?

(a) Jaffna                             :  VedaramliyaIn

(b) Talaimannar                    :  Dhanushkodi

(c) Colombo                       : Kanyakumari

(d) Talaimannar                  :  Tuticorin

2. Which system of rocks in India produces manganese?

(a) Gondwana

(b)  Dharwar

(c) Vindhya

(d)  Tertiary

3. Match  List-l  with  List-II  and  select  the  correct answer  using  the  code  given below the Lists:

List-I                                               List-II
(Valley)                            (State)
A   Dzukou Valley             1.  Himachal Pradesh
B    Yumthang Valley        2.  Sikkim
C   Neora Valley               3.  Nagaland
D   Sangla Valley              4.  West  Bengal
Codes  :
A      B      C      D
(a)      1       2       4       3

(b)      1       4       2       3

(c)     3       2       4       1

(d)     3       4       2       1

4. Which  one  of  the  following pairs  is not correctly matched?

Tributary                              River

(a) Kinnarasani                 :  Godavari    .

(b) Alnaravati                     :  Krishna

(c) Malaprabha                   :  Krishna

(d) Pranhita         .              .:  Godavari

5. Kurnool-Cuddapah  canal  is  taken  off  from  which one  of the  following  rivers?

(a) Cauvery

(b)  Penneru

(c) Palar

(d)  Tungabhadra

5. Which one of the following countries has Red River delta ?

(a) Japan

(b) Indonesia

(c) Malaysia

(d)  Vietnam

6. The  uranium  mines  being  developed  by  UCIL  at Lambapur and Domiasiat are located, respectively, in which of the following States?

(a) Jharkhand and  Arunachal  Pradesh

(b) West Bengal and  Assam

(c) Andhra  Pradesh  and  Meghalaya

(d) Maharashtra and Sikkim

7. Consider the following statements:

1. The  Rourkela  plant  was  commissioned  in  the year 1959.
2. The  Rourkela  plant as  constructed  with  the collaboration of UK.
3. The Rourkela plant gets iron ore from Sundargarh

Which of the  statements given above are correct?

(a) 1. and 2 only

(b)  1  and 3 only

(c) 2 and 3 only

(d)  1, 2 and 3

8. Consider the following  statements:

1. The acid lava usually melts at a relatively higher temperature as compared to basic (basaltic) lava.
2. The  acid  lava  solidifies  into  glass-like  sheets and  the  basaltic  lava  solidifies  into  rough surfaces.
Which  of  the  statements  given  above  is / are correct?

(a) 1  only

(b)  2  only

(c) Both  1  and 2

(d) Neither  1  nor  2

9. Under normal conditions, which one of the following is the  correct  sequential  developments  of  features made by fluvial action?

(a) Waterfalls-Meander  bars-River  terraces-Oxbow lakes

(b) Meander  bars-River  terraces-Waterfalls-Oxbow lakes

(c) Waterfalls–River  terraces – Meander  bars-Oxbow lakes

(d) River  terraces-Meander  bars-Waterfalls-Oxbow lakes

10. Which  one  among the  following  pairs  of  States  is the  leading  producer of tobacco in India?

(a) Andhra Pradesh and  Gujarat

(b) Karnataka and  Madhya Pradesh

(c) Maharashtra  and  Chllattfsgarh

(d) Uttar  Pradesh and  Rajasthan

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