Daily Problem Practice for Geography and Environment (DPPGE): 1 March

DPPGE: 1 March

1. Which one of the following deserts is famous for its deposits  of nitrates?

(a) Atacama

(b)  Kalahari

(c) Gobi

(d)  Sahara

2. Match  List-I  with  List-II  and  select  the  correct answer using the code given below  the Lists:
List-I                                 List-II
(City in  USA/Canada)          (Prominent  Industries)
A   Phoenix  1 .  Chemical,  iron and steel, and  car manufacturing industries
B    Detroit   2.  Electronics  and high-tech industry
C    Montreal   3.  Food processing  and publishing, ship-building and timber processing
D   Vancouve   4.  Brewing, car manufacturing, chemicals, finance and timber processing

A        B     C      D
(a)     2       4       1       3

(b)     2       1       4       3

(c)     3       4       1       2

(d)     3       1       4       2

3. Among  the  following,  which  one  has  the  largest number  of land-border neighbouring countries?

(a) Brazil

(b)  Russia

(c) Germany

(d)  Zambia

4. If a truck has to carry goods from Delhi to Bhopal via Gwalior, by National Highways (NH) following the shortest route, which one of the following groups of National Highways  it has  to go by?

(a) NH 2, NH 11, NH 12

(b) NH 2, NH 3, NH 12

(c) NH 8, NH 3, NH 11

(d) NH 2, NH 25, NH 11

5. Which of the following types of volcanic eruptions is not usually explosive?

(a) Pelean

(b)  Hawaiian

(c) Strombalian

(d)  Vulcanian

6. Which   one  of    the  following  pairs  is  not correctly matched?

(a)  Gulf of Aqaba             :  Jordan

(b) Gulf of Aden               :  Yemen

(c) Ligurian Sea                :  Greece

(d) Cardigan Bay               :  United Kingdom

7. Match  List-I  with  List-II  and  select  the  correct answer  using  the  code  given below the Lists:

List-I                                 List-II

A. Mauritius                      1.  Coffee
B. Formosa                       2.  Rubber
C. South-Eastern Brazil    3.  Sugarcane
D. Coastal Plains              4.  Tea
of Caribbean  Islands
Code  .
A       B        C      D

(a)     2       4        1      3

(b)     2       1       4       3

(c)     3       4        1       2

(d)     3        1       4       2

8. Which one of the following is not a landform which results  due  to rejuvenation  of a river?

(a) Incised  meander

(b) Knick  point

(c) Oxbow lake

(d) River terrace

9. The Damodar-Subarnarekha system is an example of which one of the following?

(a) Superimposed drainage pattern

(b) Dendritic drainage pattern

(c) Radial drainage pattern

(d) Rectangular drainage pattern

10. Taking into account the amount of rainfall occurring from June to September, which one of the following is the correct order of cities in terms of rainfall ?

(a)  Kolkata > Ahmedabad > Allahabad

(b) Kolkata > Allahabad > Ahmedabad

(c) Allahabad > Kolkata > Ahmedabad

(d) Ahmedabad > Kolkata > Allahabad


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