GS Mains History,1987

GS Mains History 1987

1. Discuss the major social reform movements of the second half of the 19th century. In what way did they contribute to the rise and growth of Indian National Movement (Not more than 200 words)(35)

2. Despite the fact that Muslims and Hindus fought together against the British in the Revolt of 1857, a separatist movement started soon after, resulting into the partition of India. In the light of this statement, review briefly the origin and development of Muslim Separatist Movement culminating into the creation of Pakistan in 1947 (Not more than 200 words). (35)

3. Answer the following questions Explain briefly the importance of the following: (About 30 words for each) (10 × 3 = 30)

Chadar Party

The Deccan Education Society

National Archives of India.

4. Who were the following and why are they so well-known (Not more than two sentences for each)? (10)

Sir William Jones

M R Jaykar

Pandita Rama Bai

K Kamraj

M N Roy

5. Where are the following and why are they so well-known (Not more than two sentences for each)? (10)






7. What were the new elements introduced by the Muslim rulers in the development of Indian architecture (About 50 words)? (10)

8. Who made the first feature film in India? What was its name, and when was it made (5)?

9. Where did the following traditional Folk Theatres originate (5)?






10. What is the significance of Kumbh fair? Where are they held (5)?

11. What is the contribution of the following to the cultural life of India (One sentence for each)? (10)


Shaikh Moihuddin Chishti

Shyagaraja Vishnu Digambarpaluskar

Raja Ravi Verma

Amrita Shergill

Ram KinkerVaij

Sonal Man Singh

Sanyukta Panigrahi

Prithvi Raj Kapoor

12. Relation between Religion and Politics has been a subject of controversy since long. What are the views of Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru of this issue (Not more than 130 words)? (25)

13. Who wrote our National Anthem? When, where and on what occasion was it sung for the first time? When was it accepted as our National Anthem (10)?

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