GS Mains History 1988

GS Mains History 1988

1. What were the motives which led to the partition of Bengal? What were its consequences? Why was it annulled (About 250 words)? (35)

2.  Analyse Mahatma Gandhi’s main demands presented to Irwin. How did Salt emerge as the central issue for launching the Satyagraha (About 100 words)? (15)

3. What was the Gandhi-Irwin Pact? Why was it signed and what were its consequences (About 150 words)? (20)

4. Discuss Mahatma Gandhi’s concept of Basic Education. How did Tagore differ from it (About 150 words)? (20)

5. Explain Nehru’s main theme in his Discovery of India (About 100 words). (10)

6. Describe Nehru’s attitude towards Russia in the pre-1947 period (About 50 words). (5).

7. Give an account of the legislative measures passed during 1856 − 1956 for the uplift of women (About 150 words)? (15)

8. What are the main forms of classical dance in India? Indicate two features of each (About 50 words). (10)

9. Explain the contributions of the following to the social life of India: (One sentence for each) (10) Ela Bhatt

M. G. Ranade

Acharya Narendra Dev

Madan Mohan Malaviya

Narayana Guru

Birsa Munda

Baba Amte

Malati Devi


Dr. ZakirHussain

C. N. Annadurai

10. Where are the following located and why are they well-known (Two sentences on each)? (10) Dakshinesvara



Deorala J


11. Explain the significance of the following in the socio-religious context: (About 50 words for each) (15) The Alavar Saints Faraizi Movement Kuka Movement Evaluate the chief characteristics of any two of the following: (About 50 words for each) (10) Gandhara School of Art Rock-cut temple architecture Chola architecture

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