GS Mains History 1993

GS Mains History 1993

1. Mahatma Gandhi’s succession, during 1916 − 20, in getting the technique of non-violent satyagraha accepted by the nation as a weapon of struggle against the British was phenomenal Elucidate (35).


Why was Bengal partitioned in 1905? How did ft lead to the growth of extremist and terrorist schools of nationahsm? Why was it annulled and with what consequences (About 250 words)?

2. Answer any two of the following (15 × 2 = 30)

a. From August Offer of Mountabatten Plan was a logical Revolution. Discuss

b. What was the Macdonald Award? How was it modified and with what results?

c. Analyse the main differences between the approaches of Tilak and Gokhale on social and political issues (About 150 words each).

3. Answer any three of the following (10 × 3 = 30)

a. What were the basic differences between the conservative and the liberal schools of administrators in the latter half of the 19th century?

b. The Minto-Morley Reforms did not and could not provide an answer to Indian problems. Explain.

c. The Lucknow Pack of 1916 was signed without regard for its consequences. Elucidate.

d. Explain Rabindranath Tagore’s Plan of village reconstruction (About 50 words each). A

4. Write about the chief feature of the following: (About 20 words on each) (2 × 15 = 30)

Mathura School of Art

Bundi School of Painting

Mughal Architecture at Fatehpur Sikri

5. What do you know about the following?

Home Rule Movement

Temple Entry Programme

Mass Contact Programme of Nehru

Sikander-Jinnah Pact

6. Why did the following places become famous during the freedom struggle?





7. Why have the following become famous?

C Ilbert

John Simon

Ramsay Macdonald

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